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The Best Supermarkets in Fresno


Are you searching for an excellent grocery store that offers quality choices at an affordable price? Look no further. We’ve rounded up the top supermarkets in Fresno that are worth visiting.

Vallarta Supermarkets is an excellent shopping destination for groceries, meats, produce, and more. They provide a clean and inviting shopping environment.

1. Save Mart

Save Mart is a family-run grocery store chain established in 1952 that strives to offer reasonably priced fresh food.

Shoppers at this store will find everything from fresh produce to an impressive deli department. Plus, their bakery section provides a great selection of treats as well.

I’m not a massive fan of the express lanes at Target. There’s always someone in them, and no one says anything when you enter with your full basket!

If you’re a fan of live entertainment, the Save Mart Center is one of the premier venues to catch a concert or sporting event. Here, you can see performances by country music greats Joe Rogan, Brantley Gilbert, and JoJo Siwa!

2. Food Maxx

Food Maxx is a longstanding store offering an expansive selection of name-brand groceries at discount prices. Their extensive box department features electronics and home appliances for everyday shoppers, plus they’re open 24/7! The company has several locations throughout Central Valley, including one in West Acres; plus, it’s one of few supermarkets in town with a decent pharmacy section. Plus, Food Maxx boasts an impressive history of quality customer service; in 2015, they received the Fresno Chamber of Commerce Customer Service Award!

3. Aldi

According to their website, Aldi is a German-based discount grocery store that has gained popularity across America due to its smaller stores with lower rent and electrical costs – saving shoppers money in the process.

On average, its stores cover 15,000 square feet – larger than Trader Joe’s but smaller than traditional grocery stores. Furthermore, these shops don’t typically stock many brand-name products.

They maintain a limited inventory, carefully curate selections, and only carry what is considered “weekly must-haves,” meaning there aren’t many products.

According to District 2 Councilman Mike Karbassi, the new ALDI grocery store in Fresno is drawing a lot of attention on the northwest corner of Shaw and West avenues despite not having an official opening date yet. It will open where Tang Dynasty and Ninas used to be located.

4. Winco

Winco is a well-known discount supermarket chain in the area, boasting low prices, extensive selections, and superior product quality. As an employee-owned enterprise with decades of experience behind them, Winco continues to be a go-to for locals.

They offer an impressive selection of specialty items that are hard to find elsewhere. Most importantly, they prioritize customer service and offer their customers free services like delivery or takeout meals.

The company boasts 28 California locations and a significant presence in Texas. They are renowned for their expansive inventory of premium products from top brands, making them one of the state’s largest employee-owned grocers since 1985.

5. Grocery Outlet

Grocery Outlet stands out among grocery chains due to its unique approach. Owned and operated by families, each store focuses on meeting the needs of its local community by selecting products based on customer demand.

For instance, you can find name-brand cleaning supplies at great discounts. Plus, they carry impressive pet supplies like dog, cat food, and kitty litter.

Prices at the NOSH stores are usually 40% to 70% lower than your typical supermarket. Plus, if you’re into organic or healthy foods, they have an entire NOSH section with discounts ranging from 40% to 70% off everything from organic canned black beans to Chia seeds!