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The Best Longboard Brands


Longboards offer you many choices; choose from various shapes, sizes, flex (bending) levels, and designs – and materials – when searching for one.

Pantheon takes pride in its commitment to perfection and takes time to create boards until it achieves perfection.

Sector 9

Sector 9 longboards are some of the top products on the market. Their high-quality boards cater to riders of all experience levels with versatile riding styles that meet customer demand. Their products have proven extremely popular among customers who praise performance and design; Amazon even gave them a remarkable 4.8-star rating!

Sector9 has produced various longboard styles, such as their surf-inspired board Punta Lobos. This longboard takes its name from Chile’s famous surfing beach and features an intricacy wave design on the deck. Furthermore, all wood used is sustainably harvested, while Sector9 employs an innovative bending method that allows its decks to absorb energy quickly while turning quickly.

Sector 9’s Strand Squall longboard offers incredible speed and agility, perfect for experienced riders who wish to push themselves on smooth surfaces. With its symmetrical design and wheel wells that prevent wheel bite, this board makes an impressionful first impression when used by new riders.

This board delivers exceptional performance and is durable and aesthetically pleasing. Featuring premium-grade wheels from top materials, clear coat grip tape showcases its beauty, while a curved tail and flexible deck make carving and turning more accessible than ever, while its drilled-down trucks ensure stability on rough terrain.

The Sector 9 Lookout is an ideal choice for riders who enjoy cruising. Equipped with Gullwing Charger trucks and offering a high response rate, this bike was made for fast speeds with steel attachments that will prevent wheels from detaching from the deck at high speeds.


Pantheon is an exciting near-future sci-fi thriller with a morally complex mystery, created and written by Craig Silverstein (Turn: Washington’s Spies and Nikita). Silverstein employs his distinctive animated style to bring this concept to life, which proves unnervingly convincing when portraying technological horrors that aid, hinder, or save one another.

Pantheon may appear similar to Black Mirror in style and tone, yet its subject matter directly ties into contemporary issues surrounding technology use and our interactions with it. At its heart is examining whether we can find humanity within digital creations; and, if that proves unsuccessful, what that could mean for society.

As society becomes more accepting of “quiet quitting,” it becomes easier to imagine companies competing to perfect technologies to turn workers into hyperproductive drones stripped of humanity. And it is refreshing to watch a show such as This Is Us explore this relationship with equal compassion for both humans and digital counterparts.

Pantheon makes full use of animation’s creative potential when depicting its characters’ abilities to expand, stretch, and fracture their humanoid forms; glide through walls; or shape entire video game fantasy kingdoms to suit themselves – these digital powers make watching Pantheon so engaging, while its ambition and scope increase with every new episode – however some episodes might fall flat on their face!


Rayne is an evocative name with multiple meanings, blending elegance and strength. Often seen as the feminine respelling of Rain, Rayne symbolizes life renewal and purification by association with water elements such as raindrops. Additionally, its alluring nature makes Rayne the perfect name for powerful female characters.

Rayne boasts impressive acrobatic skills and is highly proficient with weapons and firearms. Her gunplay is fast and precise, allowing her to take out enemies at extended ranges precisely. In addition to using weapons against her enemies, Rayne uses her beautiful legs to perform numerous martial arts styles ranging from basic kicks up to advanced ones that can quickly kill or incapacitate her foes.

Rayne may be an exceptional fighter, but she can also be brutal in battle. She enjoys decapitating or dismembering enemies for pleasure – showing no remorse over their deaths and sometimes being flirtatious towards her enemies.

Rayne is also associated with spiritual energy that can be amplified through crystals and gemstones. These stones can help activate the third eye chakra to promote intuition, while amethyst and lapis lazuli can bring clarity of thought and aid meditation. Those bearing the name Rayne also share the numerology number 5; people taking this name tend to be adventurous individuals seeking new experiences and expanding their horizons, highly intuitive (they see what others don’t), leaning toward extreme impulsivity, but learning restraint is crucial.


This brand of skateboarding equipment is ideal for newcomers and casual players who don’t require advanced techniques. Their lightweight decks are durable, with ABEC-9 bearings, which are more reliable than carbon steel bearings on any surface and quieter and faster. Plush Abec 11 Retro Zigzags offer plush riding while street skaters may prefer smaller diameter 78a Gumball wheels like Bones Reds for street skating.

Earthwing stands out as an eco-friendly brand, using recycled materials and bamboo to produce boards while giving back to communities like Hawaii by helping restore forests! Furthermore, they offer an impressive selection of decks and accessories.

The company strives to produce quality skateboards without harming the environment by using eco-friendly components and offering competitive prices to its customers. They’ve even developed products suited for riders of any skill level!

Longboards from this company are its signature product, though other skateboards, such as mini cruisers and downhill boards also play an integral part. Their unique designs enable riders to explore new paths and tricks while remaining safe on the roads; plus, they’re easy to control for safe city travel. Longboards from this company make an ideal way to try something different while relieving stress and decreasing injury risks!


The Globe skateboard company is well-known for producing high-quality skateboard decks at an affordable price. Their decks are manufactured using epoxy resin, which outlasts water-based glue. Furthermore, an individual deck pressing process ensures each board fits your specifications, offering plenty of color and design choices that cater to every taste or style imaginable. Plus their skateboards come in multiple sizes to meet every rider’s needs!

Globe Skateboards are flat-bottomed wooden pieces fashioned from maple or ash wood equipped with grip tape to provide traction and comfort when riding. Their design often draws inspiration from the shape and appearance of Earth, leading Globe to name many of its products with “globe.” Globe manufactures various board sports equipment alongside skateboards, including surfboards and snowboards.

Globe skateboard completes are ideal for beginner to intermediate skaters. They include quality entry-level trucks, wheels, and bearings to help beginners master skating basics quickly. As an advanced skater, however, you may wish to upgrade their stock wheels and trucks with higher performance options for better speed or control.

The Globe G2 In Flames complete skateboard features a red-and-charcoal gradient on its bottom surface and charcoal topside, contrasting red-and-charcoal color transitions on both surfaces. At 32″ long by 8.25″ vast and sporting medium concave, it comes equipped with 5″ Tensor trucks and 52mm Globe wheels – complete with fantastic artwork depicting a scorpion with palm tree leaves at its tip on a blackish background!