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Life throws young baseball players an unexpected curveball; now is his time to decide whether or not to give up his dreams of stardom. This movie teaches perseverance and family values; stream now on Pure Flix!

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The Case For Christ

The Case For Christ is an engaging, family-friendly movie encouraging viewers to live out their faith. Based on Lee Strobel, an investigative journalist and former atheist obsessed with disproving Christianity after his wife became one. Utilizing his legal reporting skills, he interviewed preeminent scholars and researchers regarding Jesus’s life; an exhaustive look was done into any evidence supporting their existence and death.

Though not without some flaws, this movie remains worth viewing. What sets it apart from similar efforts is its use of actual interviews with real priests, scholars, and psychologists and incredible acting performances by Erika Christensen, Mike Vogel, and Faye Dunaway. It represents a considerable improvement over Pure Flix’s 2014 film God Isn’t Dead, which only provided a triumphalistic Christian tract.

Pureflix offers some excellent Christian films, but some viewers may find this too heavy or preachy to bear. Although not a perfect movie, it still provides inspiring and thought-provoking content worth seeing – one such title being The Crossover.

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Unplanned is an eye-opening film based on actual events that resonate deeply. Everyone should watch it regardless of their thoughts on abortion; its focus follows Abby Johnson, a former Planned Parenthood employee who went from abortion supporter to pro-life advocate after experiencing something life-altering. Its story depicts her journey into pro-life activism through Abby’s memoir as she transforms herself and joins pro-life protests based on faith, forgiveness, and compassion – making for an unforgettable watch!

Pure Flix took a courageous stance by releasing such a controversial movie, yet they succeeded admirably. Production values are good, and acting is top-notch – Ashley Bratcher does an impressive job as Abby, depicting her journey towards becoming an advocate for life. Robia Scott (Jenny Calendar from Buffy) makes an excellent appearance as Cruella DeVil-like Division Head Cheryl of Texas Planned Parenthood clinic.

Its propaganda nature mars unplanned; its only audience is people who already agree with its message of women being less critical than the fetuses they carry and those opposing abortion as cruel. Despite having high production values and decent performances, Unplanned suffers from one primary problem. Its only target audience as propaganda will be those who agree with its message of women carrying their pregnancy to term. It suggests that their bodies are somehow less important than what lies inside, meaning women have lesser value than the life inside, as well as portraying opponents of abortion as cruel.

It also portrays abortion providers as complacent or evil, suggesting that those who support the right to choose are morally wrong. Its depiction of George Tiller’s murder in 2009 is particularly troubling – while filmmakers may wish to avoid violent content altogether, their harsh hostility towards women’s bodies serves as a warning call that may encourage extremism.

Unplanned is well worth watching for its acting solid, excellent production values, not to mention starting or continuing conversations about abortion. Although not perfect, Unplanned remains a vital movie that breaks new ground politically acceptable and forces you to confront your beliefs while inspiring a better lifestyle.


Heartland is an award-winning series that showcases Christian movies and television shows. The story centers around a young equestrian struggling to keep her mother’s horse ranch afloat after she passes, learning to trust God even during difficult times, as she finds strength she never knew she possessed.

Heartland may occur in rural Iowa, yet its narrative is far from simple. The show challenges the conservative fetishization of personal responsibility in works like J. D. Vance’s Hillbilly Elegy by depicting the economic class’s relationship to self-determination and individual freedom. Furthermore, Heartland provides a more nuanced and sophisticated treatment of poverty’s consequences without portraying the Smarsh family as victims or people deserving of government handouts.

This movie is perfect for watching with children and adolescents as it is inspiring and humorous. Based on the book of Esther, its tale stars Jen Lilley from For King and Country as Joel Smallbone from For King and Country; teaching children the value of faith and family values through film is never easier!

A Perfect Chord is another beautiful film for children and teenagers to watch together, featuring an inspiring female singer overcoming her fear of performing before others. It inspires young girls to pursue their goals.

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Camp Harlow

After suffering an unexpected tragedy, a girl finds comfort at Camp Harlow – an adventurous summer camp for children offering adventure activities such as zip lines, suspension bridges, go-karts, horseback riding, and swimming pools – and teaching them about God.

On the verge of a family crisis, teenage bully Alex is encouraged by someone she likes to attend summer camp for one last chance at love and acceptance. Reluctantly, she agrees, only to discover a whole new world through its counselors and her horse Gracie that forces her to open up and find romance again.

Teenagers will enjoy this movie for its compelling plotline and inspiring message about treating everyone equally with kindness and respect regardless of race or background. Additionally, its acting is impressively realistic, making it a good option for family movie nights.

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This film follows a young woman grappling with her faith despite having an engaged church family behind her. Over time, however, she learns that many others share her struggles and must find a way to forgive herself and move forward with faith and perseverance. Overall, this film inspires viewers to live a life of confidence while following their dreams, an essential watch for anyone grappling with their beliefs.