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Best Supermarkets in Tucson


Tucson boasts several grocery stores that can make running errands a bit easier. Many offer delivery and pickup services, so you don’t have to fit them into your hectic schedule.

Around town, you’ll find numerous ethnic markets and carnicerias that specialize in specific cuisines. These specialty stores are an excellent opportunity to sample exotic ingredients and flavors you might otherwise overlook.

Lee Lee’s

Lee Lee’s Supermarket is an expansive ethnic grocery store featuring products from more than 30 countries. It’s ideal for families seeking comfort foods and global cuisine connoisseurs looking for authentic ingredients and flavors.

Lee Lee’s Asian section offers an impressive array of fresh vegetables and seafood. You’ll also find reasonably-priced meats, large bags of rice, and various Asian snacks.

It is worth noting that while this market offers an array of Japanese and other Asian goods, it won’t compare to a genuinely Japanese store like Mitsuwa or Fujiya.

Graystone Supermarket is a great option for Asian groceries in central Philadelphia. They carry produce, sauces and spices, canned and packaged items, and household necessities at some of the lowest prices around town. Plus, they feature Nan Tian BBQ -a Chinese restaurant serving dishes like Peking duck or roast pork – at their location.

Grantstone Supermarket

Graystone Supermarket is a bustling grocery store featuring some of the finest Asian foods and household items in town. You’ll find rice cookers, bamboo steamers, chopsticks, bowls and dishes with oriental designs, Chinese medicines, and herbal supplements here.

They offer an impressive range of imported Asian foods and drinks, such as ramune soda and various canned and frozen goods. Their produce section is imposing, boasting unusual items like dragonfruit and banana blossoms.

They are an approved SNAP retailer, meaning you can use your EBT card to pay for eligible food items. However, it is essential to read the store’s policy before shopping, as using your EBT card for non-approved purchases can result in fees and penalties. For more information about what foods qualify for SNAP benefits, check out the Arizona EBT Food List.

India Dukaan

Indian foodies must visit this charming mom-and-pop shop for an array of delectable treats to tantalize their palate. Owner Sukanya Bhat stocks everything from exotic spices to fresh produce in her downtown location – sure to leave you lasting impressions!

India Dukaan’s offerings are impressive, but what truly sets this restaurant apart is the experience you get from interacting with this warm and friendly lady. She will answer all your questions, from food pairing suggestions to recommending local musicians for you and yours. She truly makes a difference!

It’s easy to see why she has been successful for so long. She is a wise businesswoman who understands the industry. Furthermore, she’s even created an effective business plan to guarantee long-term success.

Best of all, she has an infectious personality. Her manners and service standards are unsurpassed, while her staff is just as friendly as their customers are. If you’re searching for Tucson’s premier supermarket, India Dukaan should be your top choice.


Soriana is a supermarket chain offering everything from groceries to electronics. It boasts an extensive liquor selection and bakery with prices comparable to Wal-Mart or Mega.

On 30th Avenue near 38th Street, there is a Soriana restaurant. This location is slightly north of where most people are staying.

The store features a small pharmacy on-site and sells alcohol. They also have an impressive produce section.

Centro Maya shopping mall on the highway is conveniently located for larger stores like this one, easily accessible via taxi, public transportation, or car rental.

Soriana is one of the country’s most beloved supermarkets, boasting numerous stores across Mexico. It ranks as the second-largest store chain behind Wal-Mart de Mexico regarding the number of locations.