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Where to Find Iron Thorns in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet


Iron Thorns is a Rock/Electric hybrid Pokemon introduced as one of seven Paradox Pokemon in Scarlet and Violet. Like its fellow Paradox members, Iron Thorns features its version of Tyranitar that acts mechanically when moving. Like all Paradox Pokemon, it also benefits from the Quark Drive ability that boosts its stats when on Electric Terrain or holding Booster Energy.

Research Station #2

Iron Thorns (Japanese: Tetsunoibara Tetsunoibara) is a dual-type Rock/Electric Paradox Pokemon introduced in Generation IX. Resembling Tyranitar, and speculated to be its version millions of years hence. Covered in green metallic armor plating with retractable spikes along its claws, lower jaw, abdomen, and tail parts.

Iron Thorns can be found in Area Zero, an endgame location accessible once players have completed Victory Road, Starfall Street, and Path of Legends storylines. At this point, Arven will contact them to start a quest and enter Area Zero via Zero Gate located southeast of Medali – reaching there will bring them closer to reaching Paldea’s Great Crater of Paldea.

Once inside a crater, players must reach Research Station #2 quickly. To get it soon after exiting a building, take a left turn from Research Station 1 and head towards Research Station 2, located near an entrance rocky slope near Research Station 1. Here, players should expect to encounter Level 58-60 Iron Thorns that are vulnerable to status moves like Poison and Sleep attacks; make sure that players come prepared with plenty of Ultra Balls to capture these Pokemon before any status moves occur that would put it out of commission before they do so by trying catch-and-release it before these attacks occur!

Notably, this Pokemon is exclusive to Pokemon Violet; thus, those of other colors must trade with someone to acquire one – an easy process!

Iron Thorns is a highly potent Pokemon that can prove extremely helpful during specific Tera Raid battles. Boasting solid defense stats that allow it to hold its own against more powerful monsters in the Great Crater, Iron Thorns makes an invaluable addition to any team despite not being considered one of its top performers.

Area Zero

Area Zero in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet becomes available after you complete its storyline. It offers many interesting Pokemon to discover, such as Iron Thorns (a robot-like version of Tyranitar that’s both rock/electric hybrid).

Iron Thorns does not evolve from any other Pokemon, yet it makes up for that lack of evolution by being an extremely powerful end-game Pokemon. Thanks to its high attack and defense stats, Iron Thorns can dish out some impressive damage while learning the special move elemental bite, further strengthening its ability to take down enemies.

To obtain this unique Pokemon, it’s necessary first to reach Area Zero – this area marks the final part of Paldea in both Scarlet and Violet Pokemon games. It contains an exclusive species found only here: Paradox Pokemon, which resemble existing species but have different move sets without being able to evolve or breed, such as Iron Thorns being an early example.

This Pokemon can only be found in one location in Area Zero, and it only appears at an infrequent rate. To locate it, head outside Research Station #2 and turn left before finding the rocky slope where this Pokemon often appears. Arriving here with a team level 60 or higher should help increase your odds of capturing it as its health drops significantly and then catching it again.

Before entering Area Zero, stockpile an ample supply of Ultra Balls, as Paradox Pokemon are powerful and challenging to catch. Eating a sandwich that increases Rock-type Encounter Power may help as this will force every spawned Pokemon to be an Electric Rock-type Pokemon, which may help in this particular case.

As for battle strategies, Fighting, Ground, Water, and Grass types will prove most useful against this Pokemon. Once its health drops low enough, using one or two Ultra Balls should suffice.

Zero Gate

To complete your Gen 9 Pokedex with Tyranitar’s epic Paradox form, Iron Thorns from Violet, will require some effort. Iron Thorns is extremely rare in nature; to find it, you must travel to Area Zero after finishing all three storylines – once there, you will reach Zero Gate, which allows entry to The Great Crater of Paldea, where Iron Thorns awaits!

Once at Zero Gate, the first thing to be done is teleport to Research Station #2 and leave. Head towards a rocky slope nearby, as that is where Iron Thorns may occasionally spawn, hopefully, before its health depletes completely; using items like Sparkling Power Sandwich may increase your odds of encountering him/her!

Iron Thorns is a Rock/Electric type Pokemon and, therefore, vulnerable to Ground attacks while two times weaker against Water, Grass, and Fighting moves. Consequently, you will require a Pokemon with powerful Ground attacks to defeat this formidable opponent. If catching one does occur, then an Ultra Ball would provide a maximum catch rate!

As this Pokemon can be difficult to catch, it is wise to be well-leveled before going after it. Also, ensure you have ample Ultra Balls to increase your odds of capturing it successfully.

The Great Crater of Paldea

Iron Thorns is an extremely rare Rock/Electric Pokemon found exclusively within Area Zero in the Great Crater of Paldea, only accessible after players have completed all three storylines – Starfall Street, Path of Legends, and Victory Road – within this end-game area of Paldea. Players should catch it if they wish to complete their Pokedex.

Finding this elusive Pokemon should be simple enough, though players may need multiple visits to spot one. The first step should be reaching Area Zero – a massive crater located in the center of the map – by finishing all three storylines of Medali and traveling southeast through Zero Gate fast-travel point to Zone Center building with green transporter to reach Research Station #1 building; once inside this station players should search nearby cliffs for Iron Thorns before leaving this station and heading home.

To successfully observe Pokemon, players must be Level 58 or above with an excellent Rock-type Catching Power and bring an abundance of Ultra Balls; otherwise, they will likely prove very strong and hard to catch.

After several attempts, players should be able to locate Iron Thorns roaming freely amongst the cliffs near and surrounding their research base. Due to a meager spawn rate for this Pokemon, it may never appear despite being in its appropriate spot; if that occurs, leave and come back later; otherwise, you might get lucky and see one!

Iron Thorns can be captured once discovered by reducing their health to yellow or red and using a Pokeball to catch it. While encounters will likely be rare, players can add this powerful new Pokemon to their collection when one does appear!