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Readywise Food Review


Readywise Food is an award-winning survival prepper brand with products boasting up to 25 years of shelf life. Easy to prepare and store in various ways – boiling being the primary method, followed by simmering. Often the Amazing fact about wise company food.

Readywise offers an excellent selection of emergency foods, with vegetarian entrees and breakfast items being among its offerings. Additionally, their freeze-dried fruits, vegetables, powdered eggs, and dairy products taste amazing when reconstituted – these emergency staples make an invaluable part of their emergency kit!


Readywise Foods’ food is manufactured in the US and packaged in Metallyte pouches, which are oxygen-free to increase durability. Their meals have a 25-year shelf life and are resealable, so they can be kept cool in dark environments without spoiling.

These meals are versatile enough for cold or hot consumption and are made using only water – no stove needed! This feature makes life in the backcountry much simpler without needing plates and bowls; additionally, these meals can even be eaten directly out of their bags, which is great for conserving space when hiking or backpacking.

Overall, the food tastes good, and serving sizes are adequate, though its cost may be higher than other brands of freeze-dried meals. They do sometimes have sales where you may find cheaper meals; additionally, calories per serving in Readywise meals tend to be significantly lower than with other brands.

Be mindful that these meals contain wheat, which could pose a problem for some with dietary restrictions. They offer gluten-free buckets with five different entrees and breakfast. While more expensive, it provides greater variety as well as shorter ingredient lists than their regular meals. Keep an eye on how much sodium you’re consuming in each meal!


Price and taste should always be top priorities when selecting emergency food, but variety also matters. Readywise is one of the few emergency food providers who manufacture their products rather than simply repackaging existing food products made elsewhere.

Keep your pantry stocked with nutritious prepared meals from Readywise at HSN to give your family the energy and nutrients they’ll need in case of an emergency. These ready meals will ensure they can survive.

Shelf Life

As part of your emergency food preparations, the shelf life of your food must be taken into consideration. Most grocery store products have an expiration date that can range from weeks to years, while freeze-dried options offer extended shelf lives without losing flavor or nutritional value.

Wise Food Company, formerly Readywise, produces freeze-dried meals designed to provide your family with essential nutrition during an emergency or disaster. Each meal comes packaged in an airtight nitrogen-flushed mylar pouch that’s shipped inside a tamper-evident sealed bucket that stacks for space-saving purposes; plus, they’re easy to prepare in minutes when combined with hot water!

Readywise is unique in the food industry in that all their food production takes place within the US – this makes them truly stand out among companies that merely repackage food made elsewhere.

These restaurants have an expansive menu to meet dietary needs of various sorts – gluten-free, organic, and vegetarian offerings among them – without breaking the bank either! Their prices fall somewhere in the middle of the spectrum: not as expensive as some premium options but not bargain basement cheap either.


Readywise offers an assortment of just-add-water bulk food packages in different sizes. They have packages dedicated to breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals, as well as bulk ingredients you can mix yourself. Furthermore, samples can be ordered so you can see if their meals meet your expectations prior to purchasing bulk quantities.

Readywise’s survival food products are competitively priced compared to similar providers and, more importantly, affordable when factoring in how much time and money would be required to produce similar food at home. Furthermore, Readywise provides discounts and promotions through their website as well as Amazon.

Readywise Food’s other significant advantage is that they’re made in America – an important consideration for many customers who value supporting local businesses. Furthermore, readywise offers a selection of dehydrated and freeze-dried options, ideal for emergency preparation and camping trips.

Readywise’s (formerly Wise Food Company) emergency food supply kit contains 90 servings of organic freeze-dried breakfasts and entree meals with an extended 25-year shelf life, ideal for keeping in cool, dry places. Add freeze-dried meat for extra protein; these meals require no cooking! It is produced in America and is safe for vegetarians.

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