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The Basics of Demolition Companies


If swinging a wrecking ball is your idea of fun, consider opening your own demolition company. However, first, you must understand the basics of what these companies do. The best guide to finding Main Street Demolition Fresno.

Comprehensive demolition services typically involve structural analysis, identification of hazardous materials, and procuring necessary permits. Some demolition companies also offer selective demolition services, which involve carefully disassembling certain sections for renovation purposes.

Site Preparation

The construction of a new building involves many steps. From initial designs to finished products, various specialists such as architects, engineers, soil and erosion control specialists, demolition contractors, and site preparation companies are involved in every phase.

Site preparation involves:

  • Clearing an entire area of land in order to prepare it for an upcoming building project, from demolishing existing buildings and structures.
  • Clearing tree.
  • Removing underground infrastructures, among other measures

 It is vitally important that this work begins uninterrupted without any obstacles in the way.

One of the critical steps in site preparation and demolition involves conducting a geotechnical investigation. This can help determine the composition and properties of rock, soil, and groundwater on your property, as well as whether or not it will support construction on it.

Once the inspection and test results have been received, it’s time to get down to business in terms of site preparation. The first step should be creating site access points around the perimeter of the construction area in order to make moving equipment and materials simpler and prevent mud from getting tracked throughout, which would delay production while necessitating costly cleanup efforts.

Building Demolition

Demolition companies specialize in dismantling and demolishing buildings and structures to increase property values by clearing away obstacles to future building projects and hazardous materials from sites, as well as eliminating health and environmental concerns associated with hazardous sites for both homeowners and their families.

Before beginning a demolition, professional teams conduct a comprehensive property survey that takes into account materials, design, usage, and any surrounding neighborhood preferences for noise or dust during the process. This information helps demolition contractors select an efficient method of dismantling structures.

As part of their demolition processes, experts take measures to safeguard their workers. They adhere to stringent safety procedures and wear protective equipment. Furthermore, experts should only use explosives or heavy machinery with proper training and experience – plus be aware that running into electrical lines or pipes could occur.

Some of the most sought-after demolition services include procuring permits, site cleanup, structure shoring, and debris removal. They can also assist in locating underground utility infrastructure as well as asbestos testing and disposal services with an extensive portfolio of projects located throughout New York City and licensed to offer cost-effective ideas and solutions.

Full-Service Excavating

Full-service excavation contractors offer site prep services as well as demolition and wrecking. They can dig trenches for sewers, electrical lines, or wells on a construction site and also lay the groundwork for building foundations – they also offer grading and paving services.

These contractors utilize bulldozers and other heavy machinery to perform earthwork projects for various clients, including land clearing and debris removal, as well as digging holes for foundations, basements, and sidewalks. Furthermore, they may remove trees, bushes, or any vegetation preventing your building or road project.

Some companies specialize in particular types of projects. For instance, wrecking companies often specialize in commercial, industrial, or residential demolition services and can specialize in specific services like asbestos removal. Other firms specialize in specific equipment or technology for demolition, such as explosive demolition.

This year, two of the top ten demolition and wrecking contractors are owned and run by women. Select Demolition Inc. is located in New York with a Levelset payment score of C and is led by Joni Capobianco, who provides facility demolition, environmental, and nuclear restoration services, as well as restoration. They have completed projects at schools, hospitals, power plants, and churches, as well as providing emergency services.


Demolition companies provide various insurance services. This may include property damage, commercial general liability, and workers’ compensation coverage, as well as equipment rental coverage, commercial auto policies, and surety bonds.

Insurance for demolition companies is essential for any business using heavy machinery or performing hazardous work, as these activities pose numerous liability risks, such as personal injuries to third parties and exposure to carcinogenic minerals. With the appropriate policy in place, you’ll be protected against these dangers while keeping your operations running smoothly.

As with any business, whether a small manual demolition company or a more significant mechanical demolition operation, the type of insurance required depends on its size and scope of work. A minor operation might only need workers’ compensation coverage for employees as well as general liability to protect against property damage, while larger ones might need extra coverage such as environmental liability insurance or automobile/inland marine policies.

Insurance for your demolition company can help ensure compliance with legal obligations and keep business running smoothly, providing peace of mind if something goes wrong during a job – for instance, if one of your demolition machines damages a neighboring fence during construction, contractor liability coverage would cover repairs or settlement costs associated with that incident.

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