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Tutors Pizza to Close at 13th and Seneca


Tutors Pizza owner John Ruggerio recently closed both locations he previously operated: 524 S. Seneca Street and 3817 West 13th Street. However, his next restaurant will open soon in what was once Knolla’s and is now Clutch House at Kellogg and Seneca streets; hopefully, another will also appear in Goddard.

This restaurant hopes to attract more visitors than previous businesses at this site by offering pizza, arcade games, and more.


Tutors Pizza boasts an expansive menu featuring several styles of pizza as well as many other delicious items and offers something fun for kids, such as arcade and ticket games, skeeball, and pop-a-shot. Their owners take an active interest in getting to know all their guests by name, learning everything necessary so that everyone has everything they require during their visit.

Thompson announced that the first Tutors Pizza location will open its doors between mid and late July at Seneca and Kellogg, in the Clutch House space. The restaurant will offer various varieties of pizza, such as Detroit-style rectangle pizza, as well as pasta dishes.

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Tutors Pizza is open to the public and offers a range of games such as arcade and ticket games, skeeball, pop-a-shot, and more. There is also a children’s area and seating for families at this restaurant, featuring Detroit-style pizza with delivery service available. Founder David Thompson named these restaurants after his passion for education and plans on donating part of sales from both locations to local schools he believes in – with plans in the works for opening one on South Rock Road within two months and adding one more space in Kellogg and Seneca location before expanding further with Goddard location later down the line!

Tutors Pizza at 524 S. Seneca may not be the first restaurant in its neighborhood, but it may well be the last. Knolla’s on West 13th Street closed its doors for good in December 2022, while Clutch House on Kellogg and Seneca closed earlier this year. Thompson hopes to draw a different demographic into his restaurant than previous tenants did and keep this space open long-term.


The owner of the popular west-side restaurant hopes to draw in a different clientele by opening a family-friendly pizza restaurant called Tutors Pizza at 13th and Seneca. Packed full of games like Skee-Ball and arcade hoops basketball for children’s enjoyment, plus a toddler play area and patio featuring corn hole, this new venue promises to attract a fresh crowd at 13th and Seneca.

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Tutors Pizza is a family-friendly restaurant offering an assortment of arcade and ticket games such as skeeball and pop-a-shot. There is also an indoor play area for children as well as a patio featuring a corn hole. This establishment is located at 524 S. Seneca in Los Angeles and hopes to attract a more inclusive clientele than previous businesses in this space.

Tutors Pizza owner Tim Thompson said his Detroit-style pizza stands out from what customers are accustomed to seeing in the city and will also offer pasta dishes. He hopes to open his first location around mid or late July on Kellogg and Seneca near Lake Erie; table service will be provided here, but delivery may also be an option. Thompson anticipates opening another location shortly afterward on South Rock Road near Goddard – there may even be one nearby as well!

Tutors Pizza plans to donate part of its profits to education facilities while also creating a free tutoring program within its restaurants.