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Pizzeria Undici Brings Old School Pizza to Massapequa


Pizzeria Undici opened this summer with one goal in mind – to bring nostalgic old-school pizza back to Long Island. According to online reviews, this family-owned establishment appears to be fulfilling that objective admirably.

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Authentic Italian Cuisine

Pizzeria Undici, which opened this summer on Long Island’s retro block that also hosts All American Hamburger and Marshall’s Ice Cream Bar, has made waves with its appealing midcentury modern aesthetic and irresistibly crackly crust. Owned by Italian American families with local industry connections, its bright subway tile interior and expansive patio make for an irresistibly satisfying dining experience – ideal for weeknight crowds on Long Island!

Location: 4195 Merrick Road in Massapequa

Fresh Mozzarella & Imported Italian Tomatoes

Tomatoes are an integral component of many Italian cuisine dishes. From sweet and tart varieties to those packed with juicy flavor and sour tang, we have vine-ripened varieties explicitly designed to meet your culinary needs. Perfect for pasta sauces, pizza toppings, or soups, or use as part of charcuterie board garnish.

Bocconcini mozzarella is soft and delicate, making it the ideal choice for marinating or topping caprese salads with. Ciliagine, another small mozzarella similar to bocconcini, makes a perfect marinade choice, especially when threaded onto skewers along with cherry tomatoes and basil for an alternative twist on classic caprese dishes.

DeLallo imported crushed Italian tomatoes are an indispensable pantry essential, providing vibrant tomato flavor in many dishes. Use them to whip up quick weeknight pasta sauces or as the basis of chili, soups, and stews.

Fresh Basil

Basil leaves can shrivel up during baking, becoming soggy and damaging your teeth. Waiting to add it after your pizza comes out of the oven helps maintain its freshness and color.

Pizzeria Undici, which opened on Merrick Road’s retro block alongside All American Hamburger and Marshall’s Ice Cream Bar in June, has since impressed Long Islanders with its authentic recipes and customer-driven service, according to online reviews. “This new slice spot in Massapequa,” reads one Google review. This restaurant offers slices, calzones, rolls, and garlic knots; in addition to an outdoor seating area and ample outdoor seating space – it will soon begin offering delivery service as well!

Homemade Rich Vodka Sauce

Homemade rich vodka sauce is an elegant Italian-American pasta sauce that can be prepared quickly at home. The alcohol helps cut acidity from tomatoes while counterbalancing heavy cream used. This makes this lighter than traditional tomato sauce, making it suitable for those not keen on wine!

Onions add a sweet yet mellow note to this dish, while crushed red pepper flakes add just the right touch. San Marzano-style tomatoes are ideal for this recipe as their firm texture and few seeds allow them to hold up against heavy cream without becoming acidic in the final sauce.

This dish is highly adaptable and works well with nearly every type of pasta shape. Additionally, it serves as an ideal platform to add protein-rich components such as meatballs, Italian sausage slices, or chicken to create a complete meal.

Burrata & Mozzarella Pizza

Pizzeria Undici opened this summer on a mission to bring back classic Italian pizza. Their authentic Italian restaurant offers various slices by the slice as well as full pies, plus calzones, garlic knots, and salads – garnering rave reviews on Google and Yelp from customers!

Michael Green has over three decades of experience in the restaurant business and brings that expertise to his new pizza shop. According to him, critical elements for successful dough are using high hydration recipes with slow rising times and an advanced shaping technique.

The menu boasts many classic pizza selections, such as Margherita and Bianco, as well as Sicilian options like Upside Down. There is also the Fernando White Pie featuring Alfredo sauce, smoked speck ham, and Taleggio fondue, as well as North and South featuring nduja Calabrese sausage with roasted eggplant, tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, and rucola leaves.

Garlic Knots

Garlic knots are an effortless side dish you need to try! Made with pizza dough and coated with butter, garlic, and parmesan cheese for extra flavorful rolls that bake to golden perfection in no time – pair these delicious bites with some warm marinara sauce for dipping and you have yourself an irresistibly tasty meal in no time!

Pizzeria Undici, which opened this summer on Merrick Road’s retro block that includes All American Hamburger and Marshall’s Ice Cream Bar, offers classic Italian American pies to an extensive weeknight crowd. Its bright subway tile flooring and outdoor seating add an old-school charm.

To make dough, remove 18 ounces from the refrigerator and allow it to come to room temperature before cutting into six long strips and tying each into a knot.


Pizzeria Undici is making waves in Massapequa with its old-school pizza offerings. Since opening their doors this summer, customers have raved about Pizzeria Undici’s authentic recipes and customer service. Their menu boasts famous Margherita and Bianco pizza slices along with calzones, garlic knots, salads, and vintage designs in their interior space, including an impressive display case offering slices by the slice!

Michael Green has over three decades of experience as an eatery manager and strives to create an environment where customers enjoy their food while contributing back to the local community. Reviews about him on Google and Yelp have raved that customers love his restaurant, which opened last June and is now packed every night of operation!