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Gochi So Shokudo Menu


If you’re looking for a delicious Japanese meal, check out Gochi-So Shokudo’s menu. This noodle joint has a wide variety of dishes, but you can’t go wrong with a plate of pork belly. It’s priced at S$10 and has several side sets to accompany the main course. For example, Set C features Iberico Pork Belly Enoki and Iberico Miso Soup, plus sliced spring onion and seaweed strips.

Iberico Pork Tonkatsu

The Iberico Pork Tonkatsu on Gochi So Shokudo’s menu costs S$10. It is a rare treat to find top-quality Iberico Pork in Singapore. The meat is deep-fried to perfection, maintaining moisture and softness. The pork is slightly pink, giving it a tender contrast and moist texture.

The pork is sourced from Iberian pigs that are grown in mountainous regions. This gives the meat a rich, nutty flavour. Gochi-So Shokudo’s Iberico Tonkatsu is a must-try dish.

You can order other dishes like the Iberico collar wrapped in cheese to accompany the Iberico Pork Tonkatsu. The Iberico collar is deep-fried and served with cheese sauce.

Iberico Pork Belly Don

If you’re in the CBD, you’re probably looking for a place where you can get an inexpensive lunch. Typically, food prices in the CBD are much higher than elsewhere, so finding a cheap lunch option that serves top-quality Spanish Iberico Pork can be challenging. However, Gochi-So Shokudo is a hidden gem with a very affordable price for its Iberico Pork Belly Don.

The Iberico Pork Belly Don is prepared by charcoal grilling and comes with steamed rice. The Iberico Pork is sourced from a reputable Spanish source and is sold directly to the restaurant. This pork is incredibly tender and has a distinctive nutty flavour. Iberico Pork is often used for ramen and charcoal-grilled don, and at Gochi-So Shokudo, it’s served with a poached egg and steamed rice.

Iberico Pork Collar Wrapped in Cheese Tonkatsu Set

Gochi-So Shokudo’s menu offers a variety of meat lovers a chance to enjoy their favourite Iberico Pork dishes. The Iberico pork collar is wrapped in cheese and deep-fried. The accompanying side dishes include Japanese rice, cabbage salad, and miso soup.

The pork comes from Iberian pigs, native to the Iberian Peninsula. They feed on acorns and grasses in wooded pastures and have a naturally sweet and nutty flavour. Iberico pork is sourced directly from Spain, which helps to preserve the natural flavour. Gochi-So Shokudo uses only Bellota Grade Iberico pork.

Black Sesame Cheese Tonkatsu Set

Gochi-So Shokudo has come up with an exclusive black sesame cheese tonkatsu set. The set is available from 25 April to 31 May. It comes with a great piece of pork katsu, shredded vegetables, and a rich sauce with both black and white sesame seeds.

Iberico Pork is used to make the meat tender and juicy. The tonkatsu is served with light panko breadcrumbs. The dish also comes with an Iberico collar stuffed with cheese and deep-fried. It is widely regarded as one of the best tonkatsu restaurants in Singapore.

Iberico Pork Collar Don

Gochi-So Shokudo is a Japanese restaurant that serves top-quality Iberico Pork at affordable prices. The meat is cooked over charcoal fire to give it a distinctive char-grilled flavour. It contains a bowl of mixed salad and a soft-cooked onsen egg. The flavours are delicate and nutty.

Iberico Pork is sourced from pigs that are raised in the Iberian Peninsula. It takes ten to twelve months to grow to market size. Gochi-So Shokudo uses meat from Bellota Iberico pigs fed acorns to add a rich, moist layer of fat. In addition, the pork is dry-aged for two to three days.

Gochi-So Shokudo has 7 locations across Singapore. It is rated 3.5 on TripAdvisor and has received glowing reviews from guests.