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Buying a 400 Gallon Fish Tank


When purchasing a 400-gallon fish tank, several considerations need to be made. You should consider its size, weight, and material before considering how it will fit into your home environment.

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This magnificent 400-gallon tank measures 10 feet in length by 3 feet wide by 4 feet high. Featuring full reef living conditions such as sponges, coral, and fish, along with custom back pieces and sump systems, this stunning piece is in fantastic condition and ready for its new home!

This aquarium is made of premium low iron tempered ultra-white transparent glass (crystal glass). It boasts a light transmittance rate of 91% and features scratch and fingerprint resistance to make cleaning simple and hassle-free. Furthermore, German high-endurance biophilic silica gel bonds the tank to provide optimal resistance against acid/alkali erosion.

This 400-gallon fish tank is ideal for marine life propagation, aquascaping, and reef keeping. It features a stunning deep black finish designed specifically for large saltwater tank systems. You can also display your favorite specimens or your collection of coral and marine life in this beautiful glass canopy aquarium with LED lights for simple maintenance – an absolute must-have for any severe reefer!


This aquarium is constructed of high-grade, low iron tempered ultra-white transparent glass with light transmittance exceeding 91% for improved clarity and scratch resistance. Furthermore, the robust 0.315-inch thick paneling offers excellent impact strength, chemical resistance, and environmental stress crack resistance.

This tank can be shipped fully assembled for easy installation, making it ideal for large fish rooms, schools, and restaurants with wide spaces such as campuses or restaurants. When complete with water, it weighs approximately 1,600 lbs empty compared to 2,200 when filled. Suitable placement options are a concrete slab or pier and beam structure.

Fluval’s FX6 Canister Filter, capable of handling 400-gallon tanks and their high salt concentration, is an efficient workhorse filter with a maximum capacity of 400 gallons and comes equipped with dual media baskets and adjustable flow controls – everything necessary for maintaining such an enormous saltwater aquarium.


A 400-gallon fish tank can be an arduous task to transport. Weighing over 200 pounds and often needing special equipment like cranes or forklifts for loading/unloading purposes. Also, packing must be carefully completed to protect its contents against potential damages.

Glass is the go-to material for large saltwater aquariums, offering clear views and outstanding light transmission while being more scratch-resistant than acrylic. However, this option can be more costly for hobbyists.

Low iron and crystal glass aquarium tanks both feature different qualities of glass for providing marine aquariums with plenty of transparency and are great choices. The low iron glass features a slight blue tint, while crystal glass tends to be more explicit with less likely chances of scratching. Both varieties provide high levels of transparency that are suitable for marine environments.

Polyethylene aquarium tanks are another popular material choice for larger aquariums, featuring a flat depression in their sides near the bottom to accommodate bulkhead fitting. Polyethylene is known for being extremely durable, with excellent low-temperature impact strength and resistance against environmental stress cracks and ultraviolet inhibitors. Furthermore, they’re generally lighter than other materials but cannot be used in saltwater environments.

Custom aquariums can make an eye-catching centerpiece in homes and businesses, helping create a relaxing ambiance while drawing customers in. One such aquarium in Rockie William’s premier Dodge Chrysler dealership in Mount Juliet, TN, makes for a spectacular sight as customers enter his showroom – its 3000-gallon cylinder aquarium greets them as soon as they enter!

If you are considering creating your custom aquarium, it is essential to research what species of fish you wish to keep and where you intend to house the tank. This will allow you to determine its size, shape, and cost considerations; custom aquariums tend to be much cheaper than ready-made options but may take longer to finish than their counterparts.


Demand for aquariums of this size is rising among affluent Americans who are upgrading their ocean-dwelling and human homes surrounding it. Demand is robust now as more affluent families have children, prompting aquarium industries to design more family-friendly tanks.

Large aquariums may be costly to construct, but they’re worth every penny when adding beauty and serenity to a home. Aquariums transform spaces while simultaneously making houses appear more significant; they serve as an attraction that brings people together. Unfortunately, large aquariums have some disadvantages, as they can be heavy. Furthermore, maintenance costs rise exponentially with increased water volume; thirdly, they may contribute to moisture problems in your house.

Your problems can easily be solved with the appropriate materials. One option is acrylic, which is inexpensive, elastic, and more impact-resistant than glass. Another solution would be using plywood coated with epoxy resin as this provides a cheaper and less cumbersome alternative than solid fiberglass sheets; however, the plywood will degrade over time.

Building a large tank requires creating an effective seal. You must ensure it is airtight and consider its ability to be easily cleaned and serviced; larger tanks require more frequent upkeep. A high-quality seal should fit comfortably around its tank while waterproofing against external forces.

Mr. Barton’s aquarium is an outstanding example of what an experienced aquarium designer can create with custom work. To find an ideal layout for his tank filtration operations and quarantine tank in his basement. This allows him to maintain and monitor marine life without disrupting other living space areas.