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4 steps to choosing wedding invitations


Wedding invitations are the formal announcement that you are getting married and your guests’ first glimpse of your celebration. Solve all your doubts with this practical guide to choosing the letters that will include all the information about your wedding.

Wedding invitations are one of the key elements when organizing the celebration. Why? This design, printed or digital, is the way to share with your family and friends precise information about your weddings, such as the date of the event, and the times and places where the ceremony and reception will be held. In addition, these cards also contain other types of information, such as the style of your celebration, the dress code, and the details of the gift table, among others.

We share everything you need to consider to choosing your wedding invitations and that they reflect everything you want to communicate to your loved ones. In this complete guide, you will find all the information to know from what style and colors to choose according to the wedding theme to the typography,

To make everything easier, we include an e-book that you can download completely free of charge. In this electronic book, you will find all the information you need to enjoy and choose your wedding invitations correctly. Ready to get started?

  • Choose the style, concept, or theme of the wedding
  • Set the budget
  • Format of the invitations: online or printed?
  • Types and designs of wedding invitations

1. Choose the style, concept, or theme of the wedding

When the couple begins to organize their wedding, one of the first things they must decide, before choosing wedding invitations, is the style, concept, or theme of the wedding ceremony. This is very important because it will be the basis for everything: decoration, type of flowers, souvenirs and, of course, the design of the invitations. If you have not yet defined this point, these steps will help you and the theme of your invitations will also be established.

  • Wedding date. Many couples consider that the theme is according to the date they are going to get married, so they choose colors and elements of the season of the year and even inspiration from a special day or date, such as the Day of the Dead, Christmas, Independence Day, among others.
  • Hobbies. Do you have any hobbies in common, like playing or watching football matches, love to travel, or are you even fans of the same rock band?
  • Favorite colors. Although it is common to choose four or five colors that make up their wedding palette, there are couples who decide that the concept of their celebration is around one color, such as all white, total pink, or black & white weddings.

The choice of wedding style is very important because it will be the common thread of the entire celebration. Now it will also be clear if you are looking for an elegant, vintage or simple wedding invites designs. Sharing a clear idea with your wedding stationery supplier will also make it easier for you to come up with several proposals until you find the one that works best for you.

2. Set the budget

One of the key points for a successful wedding is to establish how much they can and want to spend on each of the items. Making a budget will help you control your spending, so don’t forget to allocate a specific amount for wedding invitations.

If you have no idea how to make a budget or how to control your wedding expenses, use the budget tool available in the Bodas.com.mx app. This free tool will guide you to allocate your expenses. All they have to do is add the total amount of money they want to spend on their wedding and the budgeter will automatically distribute it among all the categories that they must consider for their celebration. Of course, there is a special field for invitations.

Another option is to make an estimate of the cost per invitation, according to the approximate prices shared by the providers registered in our directory. On average, the cost per invitation is between 30 and 100 pesos, although it can increase to 150 pesos or more, depending on the delivery time, design, material, quality, and number of invitations.

 3. Format of the invitations: online or printed?

Now it’s time to choose the format you will use for the invitations, considering the style of the celebration and the budget allocated. Online wedding invitations have gained ground among the couple who want to take advantage of technology to summon their family and friends in less time and with more versatile and even dynamic designs. They are perfect for mountain wedding invite of young couples, whose style will be modern or eclectic, or for those couples who have very limited time to do it personally. This type of invitation is the favorite of couples who are concerned about caring for the environment.

Physical wedding invitations are the traditional ones and the favorites of the most classic couples. If you want to have an approach with the guests to greet them and make the delivery in person, this is the appropriate format.

4. Types and designs of wedding invitations

When choosing wedding invitations you will realize that there are several types. Knowing each one will allow you to more easily identify which one is ideal for your celebration. These are the different designs of wedding invitations according to the style of the celebration, according to the characteristics and materials of the card, and, finally, according to the season of the year. Take note!

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