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The Amazing Trifo Max Review That You’ve Been Looking For


Trifo, an American AI-based home robot manufacturer, has recently introduced a Trifo Max vacuum cleaner in India.

So, after this Trifo Max review, you will know whether you want to buy it or not.

Trifo Max is a disk-shaped robot for regular floor cleaning duties. The robot also doubles as a surveillance camera with its built-in camera and speakers. Like other vacuum cleaners of its kind, the Trifo Max has a circular shape that measures 3.3-inch in depth and 14.2-inch in diameter.

There is a navigation and home security camera on the top and two buttons—the control button and the home button.

It has a flap on the bottom protecting the 0.6-litre garbage bin. The base also has a vacuum cleaner suction hose with a single spinning brush on its opening and a side brush to clear dust and debris from places otherwise impossible to access.

The vacuum cleaner has three wheels for its motions (two big and one small). There is also a USB port for charging.

The Trifo Max review: the vacuum cleaner packs a 5.200mAh battery and provides up to 3,000p of suction capacity.

Trifo Max Review – Aside from specifics, Trifo Max is easy to set up and use, particularly with its Trifo Home smartphone app. The software is available in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store for Android and iOS devices.

You can set up a vacuum cleaner, manage its functions, and watch the robot’s movements using the app. The software also lets you change the suction power and control robot motions manually.

The Navigation In Trifo Max 

Unlike the Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop P and 360 S7, which use LiDAR for navigation at roughly the same price, the Trifo Max Pet uses a top-mounted camera.

Apart from helping the system see where it’s going, map the house, and avoid obstacles, the camera is also used to enable the Trifo Max Pet stand-out feature – video surveillance.

When you’re using the software, you can monitor your home from everywhere and even push the robot around to see into various spaces.

Thanks to the sensors on the floor, the system can keep itself protected from dropping, and this performed well during the evaluation era.

It will scale low obstacles such as the edges of fixed rugs or joints in the concrete, but as with similar machines, you would need to clear loose rugs and anything with tassels from its course.

Trifo Max Review – Camera-based navigation is clunkier and less precise than LiDAR-based navigation, and this does also appear on the Trifo Max Cat. The robot would also take unusual ways to find where it wanted to get to, get trapped under low furniture, or bump into items like the sofa legs very violently. 


Fortunately, the shock-absorbing bumper did not do any damage to the robot. And cleaning habits were ineffective, with Max Pet often wasting too much time moving about and attempting to clear trivial hazards, rather than merely cleaning up quickly and effectively.

Trifo Max Review: Should You Buy It? 

Trifo Max Review – No. The reason: there are better alternatives available on the market. Before you buy any robotic vacuum cleaner, you need to realize that it is ideal for smaller households with pets or young children or for someone who cannot afford to clean the house on their own.

When reviewing the Trifo Max, I have found that robotic vacuum fits well for mildly spacious homes with minimal furniture since these machines sometimes get trapped in tiny barriers and get lost in a space full of furniture.


Trifo Max Review: Is It Worth Buying?

All Trifo Max reviews agree that there are many better options you have, but if you insist, it’s not so bad after all!