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Realme Watch S Pro Review: your Best ultimate guide


Realme Watch S Pro Review is one of the most recent additions to the Realme Wearables portfolio in India.

This latest edition is Realme’s first built-in GPS smartwatch. Realme Watch S Pro has many highlights – more than 100 watch faces to pick from, 15 sporting modes, constant heart rate tracking, and drinking water prompts to get up from your seat.

Realme Watch S Pro Review – For$9935, is the Realme Watch S Pro still a worthwhile investment over the Realme Watch S, which is priced even lower than $4972? I’ve been using Realme Watch S Pro for more than two weeks already, and here’s my thorough analysis.

Realme and Xiaomi’s turf war moved from only smartphones to eco-friendly goods in 2020. When Xiaomi launched the Mi Watch Revolve, it was just a matter of time for Realme to follow suit. Join the S Pro Domain Watch

The premise is very familiar. Rather than a full-length smartwatch, the Realme Watch S Pro is a crossover.

Realme Watch S Pro Review – It blends some of the top fitness trackers’ features with nicer enhancements such as a bigger screen and much more versatile performance at an easy-to-achieve price point. Has Realme released a product that achieves what it claims to deliver? Read our analysis of Realme Watch S Pro to find out.

Realme Watch S Pro Review Amazing Design

Realme Watch S Pro Review – The Realme Watch S Pro looks pretty OK on the wrist. Its style is reminiscent of a typical watch, and the wide 46mm dial provides ample real estate for navigation and reading. I had my doubts that it was too chunky for my slim wrist, but I started to like how the watch looked at my hand with every passing day.

The dial is roughly 1.39 inches in diameter with 454×454 pixels and a maximum brightness of 450 nits. The panel is imposing, and there is also an ambient light sensor for automatic brightness adjustment.

You get a replaceable silicone strap with a classic buckle to tie it together on your wrist. In my time with Realme Watch S Pro, I had no longevity problems, and the watch looked and felt premium.

The Smartwatch Functionality

The Realme Watch S Pro Review, like the Xiaomi Mi Watch Revolve, is a smartwatch. It’s got basics like updates, so there’s not anything else you can do. You cannot respond to alerts, nor is there any creative incorporation of the assistant.

General interface navigation is essentially the same as most other fitness watches. It requires a sequence of swipes and taps to switch between alerts, fast settings, screen drawers, and widgets.

I like the implementation of widgets by Realme. They encourage you to get brief details about your sleep cycles or your everyday exercise level right on your home screen—even if it looks like it’s pulled straight out of Wear OS.

Realme Watch S Pro Review – I liked the range of watch faces on sale, with many available to satisfy most tastes. You’ll also get applets for a stopwatch, media monitoring, and the ability to control your mobile camera.

Realme plans to add the controls for its IoT ecosystem products into the watch. We’re going to need to see how those preparations turn out.


Is it worth buying a watch from Realme?

The Realme Watch is a fitness tracker in a smartwatch body that does a solid enough job for the price. If you want more in terms of rewarding sports monitoring, smartwatch features, and slicker results, then it's certainly worth investing more to get that.

Does Realme watch a call for support?

No, However, you can mute or deny incoming calls.