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Siemens 50 Amp Breaker


Please be aware that Siemens highly advises only using their approved breakers when replacing existing breakers in your panel, as using used breakers could void your warranty. This double pole single phase 50 amp molded case circuit breaker from Siemens features LI (long-time and instantaneous) functions to protect its warranty on your panel. The actual Interesting Info about عامل فروش زیمنس.

Product Description

Siemens miniature circuit breakers protect from overloads and short circuits while offering highly effective touch safety. Siemens circuit breakers can also be combined with various additional components like control current switches, fault signal contacts, shunt releases, Undervoltage releases, or remote operating mechanisms as desired.

This triplex breaker saves both double and single pole spaces in your panel. It is specifically designed to work in Siemens EQ, Ultimate, ITE, and Gould load centers that accept type QT breakers; please check your wiring diagram to confirm. Use of any other type will void your warranty on the panel.

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Siemens provides thermal magnetic circuit breakers as an essential element of overload and short circuit protection for home wiring systems. They serve to switch off excess current above its rating limit in order to protect it from reaching high temperatures that result from overheating the wiring system.

Dual Function plug-on electronic breaker that offers Arc Fault and Class A 5mA GFCI protection together in one device complying with both NEC requirements for kitchen or laundry circuits that need both Arc Fault and Ground Fault protection, as well as meeting new UL 943 Self-Test regulations that mandate homeowners test their GFCIs/AFCIs every month.

Siemens plug-in breakers provide two single poles and one double-pole breaker in half the space taken up by traditional molded case breakers, which is ideal when adding circuits in limited spaces. Unfortunately, however, Siemens strongly discourages using used breakers in its panels; doing so voids its warranty.


Thermal-magnetic circuit breakers in your electrical panel provide switching and protection from overcurrent that could otherwise start a fire. They do this by sensing high temperatures caused when too much current flows through wires, heating conductors to dangerously hot levels that might melt them if left unused; once this temperature exceeds an acceptable threshold, the breaker trips and disconnects power to that particular circuit – this helps protect both you and the entire household against electricity loss or repair bills due to too much current passing through wiring systems.

Step one should be to disconnect power to the breaker box by switching off its Service Disconnect or Main breaker, which usually has both an “on” and an “off” switch and is the highest amperage-rated breaker in your house. Also, consider shutting down all computers or equipment located nearby prior to switching off power.

If the breaker box contains a location with an unoccupied knockout plate covering it, take steps to access and clear away that space in the panel before inserting a new breaker into it. Tip it so its tabbed end hooks onto one of the slots or bars in the panel before pivoting down until snapping into place on one of the hot bus bar knife blades.


Siemens products come with a one-year limited warranty, covering any material or craftsmanship defects found during inspection and repair or replacement if found necessary. Unfortunately, however, this coverage does not extend to damages caused by improper installation or use.

GFCI breakers and receptacles must be tested regularly in order to ensure their proper function. Testing can be accomplished by placing the handle of the breaker into its “ON” position and depressing its test button; should a trip occur, then that would indicate it’s working correctly.

Siemens offers this single pole, double phase 50 ampere circuit breaker as a bolt-on molded case design with maximum voltage ratings of 240V and high interrupting rating of 10 kiloamperes at 240V (LI), making it UL listed and suitable for use with load centers/meter combinations rated to accept type QO breakers; using it instead in panels designed only for square D breakers will void its warranty; Siemens advises against the use of used breakers within their panels.

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