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Top Influencer Agencies


Top influencer agencies assist brands with crafting successful influencer marketing campaigns. They identify relevant influencers to your brand and facilitate communication between both parties; additionally, they offer paid amplification to expand reach and exposure. Guide on how get instagram followers?

Carusele leverages data-driven influencer marketing campaigns and guarantees their clients’ ROI, offering programs thatdeliver conversions, qualified website traffic, and audience attention.

AJ Marketing

AJ Marketing is an influencer marketing agency in San Francisco, CA that assists brands with building and managing their social media presence and strategic consulting to improve business performance. They boast several Fortune 500 clients as clients and are featured on several popular blogs for their work. According to 6sense, they employ 10-19 employees making them one of the best places to work.

AJ hails from Johnstown, Ohio, and enjoys hiking, camping, skiing, hitting the beach, and traveling as much as possible.


Carusele is a full-service influencer marketing agency offering campaign strategy, creative direction, influencer discovery, network management, content production, paid amplification, and reporting. Their client dashboard allows clients to get real-time updates at every campaign step – with clients such as Microsoft, PetSmart, and Kroger using Carusele for influencer marketing services.

Social Studies provides creative strategies and influencer marketing services that accelerate brand expansion. Their proven find-amplify-authenticate model unites forward-thinking brands with influencers to produce quantifiable results and tangible insights for scalable growth.

It is a full-service influencer marketing and creative agency offering strategy, influencer discovery, content production, campaign management, ad placements, and tracking for clients like Lyft and Converse. They specialize in TikTok and other platforms where 13-25 year-olds gather, providing full funnel influencer marketing campaigns for brand awareness, lead generation, and direct-to-consumer sales.

Viral Nation

Viral Nation provides influencer marketing, talent representation, performance marketing, and content creation services. Their experts specialize in measuring ROI and driving accurate results with influencer networks, including athletes, gamers, and social media celebrities.

Social influencer Trisha Paytas, famous gamer Chocolate, family entertainment and comedy group Mac Family, and beauty and pop culture parodist Yuri Lamasbella are among its top influencers.

Next year, this agency plans to release an app to assist content creators just starting their careers in building up a following and monetizing their work.

August United

August United utilizes social media marketing and influencers to craft engaging brand awareness content, while their creative mavericks transform key messages into powerful persuasion that engages brand audiences – clients include Microsoft, Nestle, Sam’s Club, PetSmart, and P.F. Chang’s, among many others.

Measured campaigns deliver ROI to clients. Services provided include influencer discovery, contracting, campaign management, content creation, and results tracking. Established in 2015 and headquartered in Tempe.

This full-service agency works with an expansive network of Instagram influencers. Their influencer marketing campaigns are innovative, authentic, and scalable – perfect for brands seeking to maximize budget and reach. Visit their website here.

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