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FreeCell Solitaire


FreeCell is a card game that requires skill and luck to navigate successfully. The goal is to move cards from the tableau onto four foundation piles – one for each suit in ascending order – set aside as foundation piles. Often the Amazing fact about LOLBeans.

Home cells or foundations on the right are free cells, while free cells on the left are called free cells or tableau spaces. Your goal is to move cards from all these spaces by suit into their corresponding home slots in home slots on the right.


FreeCell Solitaire is an engaging and addictive card game that demands great skill to succeed at. Winning this type of solitaire requires a careful strategy that often proves more difficult than other card games such as Klondike. For optimal success in FreeCell Solitaire, it is vital to scrutinize each card and plan multiple moves; it is wise to avoid obvious moves as these may only sometimes be the best choices.

The first step to winning at FreeCell is creating sequences of cards on foundation piles and empty cells. Empty columns are precious as they increase the number of cards that can be moved as packed sequences with alternating colors. It is also vitally important that Aces and Deuces are moved as soon as they emerge; in addition, be wary not to fill your free cells too quickly as you may need space later for maneuvering lower cards of other suits.


Since FreeCell became standard on all versions of Microsoft Windows, it has seen tremendous growth. While different from Klondike, this form of solitaire remains immensely popular and could arguably be considered its ultimate form.

This game aims to move cards from Tableau into Foundation piles. There are various methods to accomplish this; drag cards with your mouse to place them on Foundation piles or click-and-drag.

Use the empty columns to build an ordered sequence of cards between tableaus using FreeCells that remain empty. Increasing your sequence size based on how many open cells are in play makes the game more challenging but remains manageable.


Freecell is an enjoyable game of skill and strategy. Unlike Klondike solitaire games that rely heavily on luck, Freecell requires skill and tactics; its popularity stems from this unique blend of systems. The basic layout for Freecell comprises four free cells, four foundation piles, and eight tableau columns (known as suits).

Planning when playing Freecell is crucial to success. Aim to have as many cards available for building the foundations – especially aces and deuces. Prioritize moving uncovered cards from columns with too many cards to open up sequences later, and double-check your tableau for any hidden authorities that could be moved out.

Odds of winning

Freecell is a challenging strategy game that doesn’t rely on luck alone to succeed, requiring skill and strategy rather than chance alone to win. To do so successfully, one must build four foundation piles from Ace to King by moving cards between tableau columns and four empty spaces (called free cells) on the board.

Before making any moves, it is essential that you carefully consider the layout of the cards and identify potential problem areas. For instance, it would be prudent to focus on uncovering buried Aces or Deuces first; free cells should remain as empty as possible since occupying them could reduce mobility and thus compromise your goal of winning the game.

Undo button

The undo button can be your most trusted ally when playing solitaire. Situated underneath the tableau, this handy feature can save games by undoing previous moves if necessary – although be mindful not to abuse its use!

Try to reveal as many cards on the tableau as possible. This will increase your options for potential moves, and always move aces into their home cells first since that will also expand them further.

Typically, it is wise to aim to complete your game quickly and with as few moves as possible to achieve the highest score possible. However, your score will depend on how long it takes you, so try not to waste time making unnecessary moves that could reduce the time taken and thus increase score potential.

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