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Samsung The Frame Review: Best TV on the Market?


If there is a company that has been known to take trends and push them to the limit it is Samsung. In this Samsung the frame review, we are going to be seeing whether the company has delivered in terms of innovation and a touch of class that we have come accustomed to in terms of Samsung products. The device as the name suggests is an actual frame but it has a twist, a huge twist. We are going to be reviewing the product to see if it is the perfect product for you.

Samsung The Frame review

Samsung The Frame Review

The frame is not your conventional TV and Samsung has consistently been upgrading the device. When Samsung took a sabbatical in 20189 and did not release a new Samsung the Frame for review, we knew that the next version would be nothing but straight fire. When the Samsung the Frame was announced in 2020, expectations were as high as they can get, did they hit the bull’s eye? Did they deliver as expected? Well, we are about to find out in this review.

Samsung the Frame Review: Design

The design has to be the highlight of the new piece of technology from Samsung. The device comes with a fully equipped Q-led display which is something you do not often see around. The “frame” has a 55-inch display. The display is one of the largest that we have received from Samsung over the years. Each pixel on the 55-inch display is crystal clear.

There are no blurs and the modern Q-led display. Another masterpiece of the Frame design is the razor-thin bezels. The most disturbing thing on any TV unit has to be thick bezels. No matter how good the picture quality is, if the bezels are thick, they are going to take away all the attention. The Bezels on the Samsung frame are seamless and are razor-thin giving them the right to tout the TV as a frame.

Samsung The Frame Review: Special Features

This has to be the icing on the “Frame cake” The main reason why Samsung does not advertise this as a Tv is because of the number of special features that come with this “work of art”. The first thing you have to know is that when your TV is off, you will not be seeing a black screen. As soon as The Free is off it turns into an amazing work of art. The Frame has an amazing gallery of art pieces.

Samsung The Frame review: There are over 1400works of art in the art store. If you do not fancy splashing money on digital art pieces though, you might be happy to know that the device comes with 20 preinstalled art pieces. alternatively, you can preload the frame with your favorite pictures then let them playback as a slideshow. This is the dream picture frame and we can assure you that it won’t get better than this, ever!

Samsung The Frame review

Some of our favorite features on the device include Bluetooth and the device detection feature. The Frame has an amazing display unit and you can connect several devices to your TV via Bluetooth. The good thing is you can playback your picture straight from your phone. The feature also allows you to have flexible and effective cable management. What else would you ask for from a TV set?

Samsung the Frame Review: Price

Samsung The Frame review does not come cheap. In terms of value though, we have to say you are getting every penny’s worth of your money ad that should d be enough to convince you to get the device.

Final verdict, well we have t say if you can afford the Samsung Frame get it right away, It is amazing and you will enjoy it.

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How much does theSamsung the Frame cost?

The Frame costs $600

Can you use Bluetooth on Samsungthe Frame?

Yes, Samsung the Frame has Bluetooth capabilities

Which display does Samsung theFrame use?

Samsung The Frame uses a Q-led display