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Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Review: How it Helps to Manage your Health Effortlessly



In this article, I’m going to do Samsung galaxy watch 3 reviews. Samsung has once again proved that it is the company with the most innovation when it comes to its smartwatches. The brand has gone a step further by adding another model to its fleet of watches – the Galaxy Gear.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 review

This model has a feature that the other watches do not have, and that is the heart rate monitor, which is a very exciting feature for any potential buyer. The design and the looks of the watch are also a sight to behold.

It comes with a round or square face, which is by the style of the whole brand and the other watches. The design is trendy, sporty, and yet elegant, and at the same time, it is very functional. After briefly introducing this Samsung galaxy watch 3 review, let’s discuss its features.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Review: Amazing Features of Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

The Samsung Galaxy Watch is the ultimate in technology. Not only does it offer the ability to track your fitness and measure your heart rate, but it also has a large LCD that gives you the time you need to plan your workouts and more.

However, the one feature that sets the watch apart from the other fitness and health watches is its integration with Samsung’s SmartWatch technology. With this technology, users can access information on their phones while accessing the watch itself. Here are some of the features of the technology-enabled watch.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 review

Aside from all features, this Samsung galaxy watch 3 review article also focuses on some technical features. Another feature of the watch is the VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) feature that allows you to make calls on your mobile phone while working out. Users also enjoy access maps, the time, weather, and Google search function all on the same screen. Moving further in this Samsung galaxy watch 3 reviews, I’m now discussing its advantages.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Review: Outstanding Advantages of Samsung Galaxy 3

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is one of the most hyped and anticipated devices of all time. This huge and bright screen was designed with both fashion and function in mind. Samsung has not neglected the software end either, packing in a ton of features and functions that are sure to please even the biggest purist.

It comes preinstalled with Google Maps, so now you can get around any town or city without having to use your cell phone. If that’s not enough, Samsung has also included many other features and functions that are sure to give this thing a leg up over the competition.

One of the biggest pros of the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 is its support for MMS. If you have taken a lot of photos recently or want to remind friends of something special, the ability to share those images with everyone on your contact list is a huge plus.


By the end of this Samsung galaxy watch 3 review, we can understand how Samsung Galaxy 3 will help you manage your life and health simultaneously. With a large, easy-to-read faceplate, this new watch from Samsung is sure to please even the most ardent tech-geek. The rotating bezel lets you easily see what you are working on, whether checking your email or setting off your alarm. No matter the activities that you choose to perform, this watch puts you in control.

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What is the price of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3?

It will costs you around 27,000 INR.

How many hours of battery backup will it provide?

It will provide you a minimum of 43 hours of battery backup.