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Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Review: The Best Galaxy Model?


Samsung has always been known to spearhead innovation on the smartphone maker. Well, they seem to have outdone themselves this time. In this Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra review, we will be looking at why the new offering from Samsung might cause a seismic shift in the smartphone market. Before we begin with this Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra review, we have to post a disclaimer that we think the S21 Ultra is probably the best to ever come out of the series.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Review

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Review: The Price 

Before we talk about anything else, we have to talk about the price. One thing that made the Galaxy range stand was the pricing. Compared to other flagship devices, the prices were slightly lower. The trends have been changing off late, with Galaxy flagships costing nearly as much as Apple flagships. The Galaxy S21 Ultra is retailing at $1199. The price is a little high but compared to its predecessor’s launch price. It is slightly cheaper. The price might seem a bit high but wait till we tell you about everything that you are getting at that price.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Review: The Display

One thing that Samsung manages to improve and excel at with every release is the display. Remember the curved screen’s impact on the tech world when it was introduced with the S6 edge? We might equally have as much excitement with the S21 Ultra display. The S21 Ultra comes with a massive 6.8-inch display. The size is perfect for streaming, and if you are a fan of gaming, this the ideal mobile gaming display.

A 120 Hz refresh rate is the hallmark of this device. The transition between different apps is as smooth as it can be. If you are about picture quality and colour depth, then the quad HD display will do justice to your preferences. 

Samsung Galaxy s21 Ultra Review: Design 

Samsung’s flagship phones are designed to offer you a premium feel. The same can be said about the latest Galaxy edition. In terms of built quality, the S21 Ultra has a metallic build for the back and a curved edge to edge glass display. The camera bump, which has become a design constraint for most phones, is not a problem on the S21 Ultra. The colours available also add vibrance to the design, especially the Phantom Black colour.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Review: The Camera

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Review – If you believe in the notion that a cell phone is only as good as its camera, then you can agree with us that the S21 Ultra is as good as it can get. The device comes with five cameras, one on the front and four on the back punch hole camera on the show; it’s the smallest on any device. The selfie camera has 40MP and a pretty clear portrait mode. The portrait mode is one of the best on a mobile device. 

The back camera carries the 108 camera, a telephoto lens, and an ultra-wide lens. These cameras allow you to zoom by up to 100 times, probably the best on the market. The back camera’s portrait mode is crystal clear, giving you that premium looks on your photos. 

Samsung S21 Ultra Review: The Verdict

For the price, the Galaxy S21 Ultra is worth every penny. It is a cell phone that you can use for years, and Samsung has promised a lengthy period of updates to ensure you do just that. 

Get yourself the Galaxy S21 Ultra, and you will enjoy every moment of using it. 


How big is the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra?

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra has a 6.8 inch display

What Android version does the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra have?

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra runs on Android 11.0

How much is the Galaxy S21 Ultra?

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is retailing at $1199