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Microsoft Surface Laptop Go Review: Could it have Been Made Better ?


Since their debut on the laptop market, Microsoft has made sure they leave a mark. This Microsoft Surface Laptop Go review will take an in-depth look into the latest offering from Microsoft. The best part about Microsoft laptops is that they come with a wide range of specs that will ensure that your study or work experience will be unique. Let’s see what the new Microsoft Surface Laptop Go has to offer.

The Microsoft Surface Laptop Go Review

To get you to appreciate and help you make the perfect decision, we will be looking at the laptop’s design, display, processing speed, and storage. Let’s get started.

The Microsoft Surface Laptop Go Review: Design

One thing that is a signature of all Microsoft laptops is the design, and they did not disappoint on this one. The Surface Go is the epitome of portability. This can easily be the lightest laptop on the market. Weighing 1.1 kilograms, the Surface Go is the perfect on the go laptop. The sleek design that we have become accustomed to in most Microsoft laptops is retained in the Surface Go. Unlike most laptops with little too much branding, the Surface Go, the Windows logo on top, is the only branding item on the computer. 

The Microsoft Surface Laptop Go is made entirely of Aluminium and a premium material that feels and pretty much looks like “rubberized plastic.” The material is called Polycarbonate Resin, and it is the next best thing to Aluminium. This means your laptop will have that premium feel.

The Microsoft Surface Laptop Go Review: Display 

This is easily the disappointing part about the Microsoft Laptop Go. The 12, 4-inch display, which comes with a 3.2 ratio, does not provide full HD, which is a little disappointing. Nearly all the budget laptops on the market offer a 1080p display, and not getting it on the Go is somewhat frustrating. When you decide to Netflix and Chill with the Microsoft Surface Laptop Go, the exhibition will do a good job. 

The Microsoft Laptop Go Review: Battery Life

Microsoft Surface Laptop Go Review – This is one part that the Microsoft Laptop Surface Go spurs. The battery on this machine is as durable as can be. The battery can give you nothing less than 10 hours of web browsing and Word processing. What the Surface Go lacks in terms of display, it certainly compensates in terms of battery life. If you do decide to watch movies, you can last up to 67 hours of uninterrupted production. The best part is that even after you drain the battery dry, you need just over an hour of charging time to get it back to 100%.

Microsoft Surface Laptop Go Review: Performance 

I term of performance. The Surface Go is no pushover. With a Core i5 processor ad 8GB of RAM, you will indeed never find your tasks staggering. The quad-core chip has enough muscle to peak to speeds of up to 3,6GHz. You will certainly not complain about speed. 

Microsoft Surface Laptop Go Review: Price

Retailing at about $600, the Surface Go is worth every penny. There are certainly no better alternatives for the price range that provide as much quality and efficiency as the Microsoft Laptop Surface Go. The price might differ depending on the region. 

If you want a laptop that will quickly deal with your tasks and web browsing, the Surface Go is the perfect laptop for that. You do not need to break your bank to get the computer makes it even more enticing. 


How much is the Microsoft Surface Go?

The Microsoft Go is retailing at $600 on the Microsoft website

How big is the Microsoft Surface Laptop Go screen?

The Microsoft Go has a 12.4-inch screen

How big is the Microsoft Go RAM?

The Microsoft Surface has 8 GB of RAM