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Viewsonic XG2405 Review: The Unbelievable Pros and the Avoidable Cons


If you are a gamer, you know just how important a good monitor is. In this Viewsonic XG2405 Review, we will be giving you all the reasons why the Viewsonic XG2405 monitor is fit for the purpose and some of the things that the developers could have done better. Viewsonic has been in the monitor business for quite some time, and they have created some fantastic monitors over the years. In this Viewsonic XG2405 review, we are going to determine whether they made magic again.

Viewsonic XG2405 Review: The Pros 

Amongst the list of unique features that we got from the Viewsonic XG2405, we picked those that stood out the most, and these include:

Viewsonic XG2405 Review: Design

One thing that monitors developers seem to have understood and are consistently advocating is the design’s importance. A fantastic strategy will give even the most lacklustre monitor in terms of picture quality a lot of traction on the market. One thing that the Viewsonic XG2405 developers made sure stood out was their design.

The gaming monitor comes with an ergonomic stand that can be adjusted by up to 120 mm, giving you the ability to select the perfect viewing angles. The black matte finish is also one thing that you will love about the monitor. The ultra-thin bezels on both the top and the sides will allow you to get that immersive view you need for gaming.

Viewsonic Xg2405 Review: Connectivity and Audio 

One thing that m0sot monitors falter in is the connectivity part. We saw the same problem with previous Viewsonic monitors. They seem to have rectified this in this model. The monitor has 2 HDMI 1.4 ports to connect multiple devices. A 1.2 Display port is also available, as well as a pretty sleek headphone ack. This means that even if you are not satisfied with the 2W integrated speakers, you can easily connect external speakers. 

Viewsonic XG2405 Review: Price

One thing that stands out and makes the Viewsonic XG2405 a consumer favourite is the price. Monitors do not come cheap, and if you can get a fantastic deal, the specs are bound to be a little sketchy. With the Viewsonic XG2405, you get a pretty good monitor, and the price is only $180. At $180, the Viewsonic XG2405 is probably the cheapest monitor that you will get on the market, and the fact that it is available in most retail stores makes it an excellent bargain. 

Viewsonic XG2405 Review: Durability

This is one thing that Viewsonic has been providing for years without flickering. The Viewsonic XG2405 has an amazing plastic body and will ensure that you use it for as long as possible. The chassis on the stand will also withstand all the adjustments you will make. One thing you need to do is to make sure you take good care, though, to make sure that the durability promise goes a long way. 

Viewsonic XG2405 Review: The Cons

There are a few areas that could have been done better, these include:

Viewsonic XG2405 Review: Image Quality

The 1080p display is ok, but well with gaming quality everything, and with some monitors offering 4K display, chances are you might feel a little undone. The image stabilization in the monitor is ok, but you might notice the double-image effect once in a while. 

Viewsonic XG2405 Review: Verdict

All in all, the Viewsonic XG2405 monitor is great if you want to game on a budget. If you wish to the immersive and premium gaming, you need to look for other options. 


How big is the Viewsonic XG2405 monitor?

The Viewsonic XG2405 is a 23.8-inch monitor

What is the Viewsonic XG2405 aspect ratio?

The Viewsonic XG2405has a 16:9 aspect ratio

How much does the Viewsonic XG2405 cost?

The Viewsonic XG2405 is retailing at $180 in most retail shops