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Redmi SonicBass wireless earphones review: The Interesting Guide


The Redmi SonicBass wireless earphones review is a shockingly good buy at under RS 2,000. The sound quality is commendable, and while we’d like a little more heft in the mids, the earphones don’t drive the bass as hard as some budget rivals.

You also get a respectable 12 hours of battery life, an IPX4 score, and voice assistant support. Overall, we will suggest these earphones to anyone searching for a good pair of earphones under Rs 2,000. If you’re a basshead, the slightly muffled bass response can prevent you from purchasing these earphones.

Redmi SonicBass wireless earphones review: the affordable wireless earphones from companies such as Redmi, Realme, Wings, OnePlus, Oppo, and others have grown in popularity in the price-conscious Indian market.

Redmi SonicBass wireless earphones review

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Although these earphones cannot compete with high-end wireless earphones from Sony, Jabra, Bose, and others, they are increasingly offering a convincing number of features and, in some cases, decent sound quality at this attractive price point.

Redmi has released the Redmi SonicBass Wireless Earphones, a pair of neckband style wireless earphones, for only Rs 999. Let’s see how these earphones did in our evaluation.

The thing is, there are a plethora of wireless neckband earphones that are equally priced, if not cheaper, that you can choose from as you read.

I’ve tried a few of the common ones, but I still come back to my OnePlus Bullet Wireless 2, which costs Rs 6,000. Before opening the package, I had similar hopes for the Redmi SonicBass Wireless Earphones.

Redmi SonicBass wireless earphones review: the Punchy bass

The product name is a dead giveaway as to what to expect in terms of tone, and there are no surprises here.

Redmi SonicBass wireless earphones review: The sonic signature is tuned to boost low-end frequencies, and I could hear this bass bias with almost everything I listened to while wearing the Redmi SonicBass earphones.

However, apart from this bump in the bass, there isn’t much else to the sound; this is otherwise an entirely ordinary-sounding pair of earphones.

That isn’t always a bad thing, since the Redmi SonicBass includes all of the essentials. You get a soothing sound that isn’t tiring or strange in any way.

This results in an adequate listening experience that is commensurate with the earphones’ price and features.

Redmi SonicBass wireless earphones review: Since the Redmi SonicBass is a low-cost wireless headset that only supports the SBC Bluetooth codec, the consistency of the source audio had no impact on the listening experience.

There wasn’t much of a difference in how the earphones felt when listening to high-resolution Tidal Masters streams or YouTube Music’s occasionally low-bitrate songs.

The Redmi SonicBass Wireless earphones are appropriate for voice calls, but not outstanding.

When on a call, environmental noise cancellation is present and permanently operational, but it didn’t seem to make much of a difference in enhancing voice quality for people on the other end of the line, who sounded a little bad and low to me.

The earphones were adequate for the occasional phone call and could be used at distances of up to 12 feet from the source unit.

Redmi SonicBass wireless earphones review: the performance

However, the bass is of high quality. I became addicted to a lot of Ritviz’s numbers, and all of his tracks make liberal use of heavy low-end production.

The Redmi SonicBass wireless earphones review emphasized the drums and guitars while leaving the other instruments alone. I’m no symphony expert, but I thought the mids were emphasized to improve the bass effect.

The boosted mids do eat away at the highs and vocals. As a result, after a half-hour, I found the audio to be heavy on my ears.



Is it worth purchasing Redmi earbuds?

Most of the Redmi SonicBass wireless earphones reviews agree that these earphones are remarkably good for the price, and they are unquestionably the best pair of truly wireless earphones under Rs. 2,000. The Redmi Earbuds S get pretty much all right for the price, with a combination of good design, useful specs, and clean, enjoyable sound.