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The Best OnePlus 8T 5G review You Will See On The Internet


The OnePlus 8T, which will be available for €599, is shaping up to be an outstanding premium mid-ranger with a slew of flagship specs, including a 120Hz Fluid AMOLED.

OnePlus 8T 5G review: The new Snapdragon 865 processor, a promising quad-camera with enhanced low-light output, stereo speakers, and OnePlus’s most impressive achievement yet – a larger battery with blazing-fast Warp Charge at 65W.

OnePlus 8T 5G review

Image source: droidafrica

A-Pro model was conspicuously missing from the company’s fall event this year. This is due to the company’s continued use of the 8 Pro as its flagship product, which will not be updated until 2021.

We won’t argue with this strategic decision because the OnePlus 8T required the update. We doubt many OnePlus 8 owners are considering swapping, but it makes the two current offerings much more appealing to those looking for a new handset.

When compared to the OnePlus 8, the 8T has a 120Hz OLED display rather than a 90Hz display. Simultaneously, the main camera receives a brighter aperture, an even broader ultra-wide lens, and an extra depth camera.

Finally, you get a 4,500mAh battery with 65W charging as opposed to a 4,300mAh battery with 30W charging. Okay, these aren’t the most spectacular improvements we’ve seen, but they’re enough to make the cheaper OnePlus devices in the duo appealing again.

OnePlus 8T 5G review: The Hardware

Android 11 and an upgraded OxygenOS 11 based on Android 11 will be included in the OnePlus 8 sequel. But those aren’t the most significant changes over the original. Let’s start with the hardware because that’s where you’ll see the most progress.

The 4,500 milliamp-hour battery comes first. OnePlus 8T 5G review doubled your enjoyment so you could double your fun by increasing the charging speed of the Warp 30T to Warp 65. So, you can now complete a task that previously took you more than an hour in less than 40 minutes.

When I first plugged in the OnePlus 8T 5G smartphone to test its rapid charging, the battery went from 9 percent to 82 percent in a timed 30-minute test using the new charging system. So, in just 30 minutes, you’ve got 73 percent of your battery charged.

In our tests, the OnePlus 8T 5G smartphone lasted nine hours on screen and about 20 hours off the charger. In real-world use, things improved for me, with the phone a little more than five hours screen on time and 24 hours off the charger. That is a lot of battery life.

But it isn’t just stamina that makes it so powerful. Even if you pound this battery harder than I do, with just 30 minutes to charge it to 70%, you can afford to throw caution to the wind, ignore FOMO, and use the phone to its full potential. That means whatever it means to you.

OnePlus 8T 5G review: Display

This is a 6.5-inch full HD plus 2,400 by 1080 fluid AMOLED monitor that runs at 120 Hertz. All the OnePlus 8T 5G reviews agree that it’s stunning. This show of The Witcher is stunning.

Except for even more expensive displays, the depth of field in the banquet scene comes to life like no other. The pictures are vibrant, and the color scheme appears to be right. Display P3 support is greatly appreciated.

On extremely bright screens, the turtle’s highlights are overdriven, despite being well saturated. All appears normal and bright on the OnePlus 8T 5G review Smartphone’s camera.

The best displays make you feel as if you’re watching The Witcher through a window, as if you’re right on set, watching The Witcher being filmed. Or Our Planet, where you dive with the cameraman and see this stuff through goggles.


Is the OnePlus 8T 5G worth purchasing?

Unfortunately, all the OnePlus 8T 5G reviews agree that the OnePlus 8T does not stand out sufficiently. According to Ryan, the architecture is uninspired, and the camera output is below par for a 2020 flagship. It feels like an incremental improvement over the OnePlus 8 series, and the OnePlus Nord provides better value for money.