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Mi Smart Band 5 review: Your Best Guide


The Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 5 is a fitness tracker that is intended to monitor your health and fitness without requiring you to spend a lot of money.

Mi Smart Band 5 review: it builds on the success of the Mi Band 4 by providing 24/7 activity and sleep tracking, continuous heart rate monitoring, and the ability to track outdoor activities using GPS from your phone.

Mi Smart Band 5 review

Mi Smart Band 5 review – aside from tracking your health and fitness, it will also allow you to display phone alerts for both Android and iPhones, control music on your phone, and check the weather. All of this is possible with a full-color touchscreen display that has improved in resolution and brightness.

The style is undeniably sporty, and it can be worn when showering or swimming. The battery life is expected to be 14 days, which is longer than what competing trackers like the best Fitbit and Samsung devices offer.

Xiaomi has also modified the charging configuration, making it easier to power up when it reaches 0%.

The global Mi Smart Band 5 lacks some desirable features, such as NFC for payments and the Xiao AI smart assistant, but it still provides an excellent fitness tracking experience for the money.

Xiaomi’s mission is to provide the kind of functionality you’d like to see on more expensive trackers, and on the whole, it succeeds.

Mi Smart Band 5 review: The Battery Master

When we look at the Mi Smart Band 5 reviews, we will find out that the Mi Band 5 is a battery champion, but not as much as the Mi Band 4.

It can last 14 days with “regular usage” on a single charge, compared to the Mi Band 4’s 20 days. Xiaomi claims that if you turn off heart rate monitoring, raise-to-wake, and sleep tracking, you will still get 20 days out of the Mi Band 5.

My Mi Band 5 is on track to last about 13 days on a charge with regular usage and monitoring a few workouts during the week — just under what Xiaomi expects.

I was also looking into the interface at the time, so I don’t think it’d be too difficult to get a little more battery life out of the computer. In any case, you’ll be able to wear the Mi Band 5 for well over a week without needing to charge it.

When it comes to charging, the Mi Band 5 charger outperforms all previous Mi Band chargers. Since it is magnetic and attaches to the tracker through pins, you no longer need to remove the unit from its band to charge it.

Thank you so much! The charger is even longer now, so no more four-inch charging cable nonsense.

Xiaomi built PAI metrics into the Mi Band 5 to help you better understand your overall health and wellness. PAI assigns you a score based on your gender, age, heart rate, and other details.

Anything you do during the day contributes to your PAI ranking, but intense exercise and holding your heart rate in a higher zone will earn you the most PAI points. The target is to maintain a PAI score of greater than 100.

Mi Smart Band 5 review: Release Date and Price

The Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 5 review will be available on July 16, 2020, for $50 / £29.99 / AU$99.95. If you don’t mind just using it in English, you can get it for as little as $29.99 from Gearbest.

You will receive the Chinese version, but if you install the Mi Fit application, upgrade the firmware, and sync the band, you will be able to switch to English. The price does not include shipping or any import costs or taxes.


Is the MI Band 5 a good buy?

Most of the Mi Smart Band 5 reviews agree that the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 is an excellent buy. Xiaomi produces excellent low-cost fitness trackers, and the Mi Band 5 is no exception.

You get a larger display, more trackable sport modes, 24-hour heart rate monitoring, better sleep tracking, and PAI integration for well under $50.