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Macintosh Personal Computers – Unbelievable Journey of Staying at the top


The introduction of the Macintosh Personal Computers by Apple Founding father Steve jobs in 1984 set the foundation for personal computers’ most prestigious lines to date. The Macintosh Personal Computers (now MAC) is one of the most profitable lines of personal computers. In this article, we will be looking at some of the best models that Macintosh has released over the years. Keep reading. To find out more about udyamoldisgold click here.

Macintosh Personal Computers -The Macintosh

This was the first computer to be released by Apple. Announced to the press in 1983 and then released in 1984, the Macintosh has an extraordinary place in History. The Macintosh came with only two applications, MacPaint and MacWrite. The two applications were centered on the machines’ GUI, which was the PC’s most vital selling point. The two applications did not find a lot of use commercially. The Macintosh garnered a lot of support in the tech community, but the lack of Software led to critics describing the machine as merely a “toy.”

Retailing at $2495, the Macintosh was quite pricey, and upon its release, there was an aggressive marketing campaign by Apple. The campaign included the purchase of the entire 39 advertising pages of Newsweek. The specs on the PC were impressive but weren’t that useful at the time. 128kb space that was very difficult to upgrade was one thing that made the first Macintosh a little less successful than anticipated. Bringing a new invention to life was enough of Apple’s success and making a profit, while it was a bonus. 

Macintosh Personal Computers- Colour Classic

The Integration of color display to the Macintosh in 1993 sent waves through the tech world. The Macintosh Color Classic had a color Sony display and kept the Apple all-in-one PC signature design. The 10-inch display, which provided a 512 x 384 display, was the machine’s most vital point. The Colour Classic also saw the introduction of video cards to the Macintosh Personal Computer line. The Colour classic came with a Motorola CPU. Motorola was making strides in the processor market during that period, and it was only right that Apple partnered with them. 

The Macintosh Colour Classic was viral thanks to some upgrades in terms of space and processing power. The Color classic came with 4MB storage space and 512 KB VRAM. At the time, these were premium specs. The availability of more Software than the previous model periods was also positive for the color classic. 

Macintosh Personal Computers- The20th Anniversary Macintosh

In 1997 Apple released a premium Macintosh Personal Computer, priced at a whopping $7900 for their 20th anniversary. The price might sound a little excessive, but it was definitely worth the cost in innovation and design. The 20th Anniversary Macintosh was an all in one PC like its predecessors but what made it stand out was how slim it was. Another new feature that was introduced in the 20th Anniversary Macintosh was the LCD.

The 20th Anniversary Macintosh came with anew design keyboard that had 75 keys. Another new feature that was introduced to the Macintosh Personal Computer line was the trackpad. Instead of a mouse, the TAM had a detachable trackpad. Another part that was a hit on the market was the CD Playback feature. 

The Macintosh Personal Computers catalog has a special place in History and represents one of the best periods of innovation. The rebranding to Mac also carried with it the same key feature, creation. 


When was the first Macintosh Computer released?

The first Macintosh PC was released in 1986

Who owns Macintosh?

Macintosh Personal Computers was owned by the Apple Company.

Were all Macintosh Personal Computers all in one PC?

The all in one PC design was Macintosh’s signature design