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How to Create a French Country Living Room


When decorating your living room, consider the elements of a French country style. The classic features of a French country living room include wood ceilings, long white curtains, and metal candle chandeliers. You can also use a porcelain plate set to fill your living room buffet. It will add charm to your living room without looking too formal.

Teal settee

The combination of teal and french country can create a sophisticated atmosphere. A settee in a French country living room will stand out among the other elements. A traditional French country living room will feature a fireplace and a mantel. The furniture will also include an entertainment center with a television, a bookshelf, and a desk for homework or reading. The seating will range from a small accent chair to a large sectional.

French country style has elements of both traditional and modern techniques. Decorative items are essential to creating an atmosphere of sophistication and coziness. A teal settee in a French country living room will stand out from other upholstered pieces.

Patterned wallpaper

If you want to create a French country living room, you can use traditional toilet wallpaper. This type of wallpaper is a classic choice for this style and features pictures of farm animals and the countryside in neutral colors. It’s also easy to hang with traditional wallpaper paste. A red or blue toilet wallpaper will make a great focal point in your living room.

Striped designs are also a classic option. These patterns have a nautical or regional feel and pair perfectly with floral and checked patterns. You can even use the traditional tartan pattern, which the English/Scottish probably introduced landed gentry. This pattern is usually dark shades of blue or green. Another option is a woven gingham check pattern, which features squares of two colors. This type of design is one of the world’s oldest textile patterns.

Natural elements

If you’re planning a French country living room, it’s important to include natural elements such as wood, stone, and glass in your design. Glass windows, for instance, will let you view the outdoors and create a more refined atmosphere. You can also add furniture made from salvaged wood, which will add natural shapes and wood grains. This style is also known for its sophisticated look, so choose furniture with gently curved lines. It is also essential to avoid using clashing patterns or materials that will create a cluttered look.

Lighting is another essential part of a french country living room. You can use floor, table, and overhead lights to add ambiance and light up the other decor. The lighting should be strategically placed according to any artwork you choose to display in the room. And don’t forget to include a well-lit reading nook.


If you are planning to decorate your living room in the French country style, it is crucial to consider rugs. Rugs in this style are typically vintage or Persian and feature floral or aged finishes. Rugs made of natural materials are also appropriate for a French country room. When choosing a carpet, it is essential to keep in mind the color palette of the room and its furniture. In addition, French country-style homes often feature painted wood finishes or darker wood. However, dark wood can make small rooms look cramped.

Wooden designs are also a good choice. These are versatile and can be used in different rooms in the house. For example, salvaged wood coffee tables can be used in a French country living room. They have unique wood grains and natural shapes. The pieces are not mass-produced and are sure to get people talking.


Choosing the right valances for your French country living room can make a huge impact. Using floral fabric is an excellent option for your country decor. There are many options available, from traditional florals to French-inspired prints. You’ll want to avoid using heavy or bulky materials regardless of your chosen material. Consider using a medium-weight fabric with a sheer underlayer if you’re decorating a large room.

When selecting curtains and valances, consider the size of the windows and how much privacy you need. If you’re working with a small window, you might want to hang a valance outside the window trim to minimize the view. If your living room has large windows, consider hanging a full-length sheer curtain instead of a valance.


Ottomans are an excellent way to add style and storage to your French Country living room. They are also great places to sit when you want to unwind. Ottomans come in many shapes and sizes and are a great way to include the French Country style in your living room.

The size of the room is the first thing to consider when incorporating ottomans into your French country living room. You don’t want to overcrowd the room with a large sofa that blocks all potential storage space. Also, ensure plenty of seating options for you and your guests. Also, you want somewhere for guests to put snacks or drinks.