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Modern Farmhouse Wall Decor



Tapestries are a classic wall decor piece and a great way to add texture and warmth to your walls. Made of thick natural fibers and fabrics, tapestries dramatically affect bare walls. They also evoke a spirit of artisanal sophistication that complements the modern aesthetic.

A modern farmhouse home doesn’t have to be boring. Instead, try incorporating farmhouse wall decor that includes family pictures and plants. This wall decor style is a blend of traditional and contemporary styles and can help you create a space that is uniquely your own.

Fabric wall hangings

Farmhouse wall decor is a versatile choice that can make a room more attractive and comfortable. It can be versatile and guest-ready and can be done with little budget. A well-designed wall shelf can become the focal point of your living room. Alternatively, you can opt for a wall hanging that’s more functional.

A fabric wall hanging is a great way to achieve the modern farmhouse look without spending much money. Choose a design that complements your room’s color scheme and coordinates with your furniture. You can also hang the same piece on more than one wall.

Large wooden clocks

Large wooden clocks in a rustic farmhouse style can add a warm, homey touch to your walls. They can be used to keep track of time and important events. Choose clocks of the same shape, size, and color for a cohesive accent wall composition.

A tall farmhouse clock can transform a corner of your home. These pieces are made of composite or fir wood and have a country- or French-style aesthetic. They are also known for their tall design and S-shaped curves.

Industrial details

Industrial details can add an exciting touch to modern farmhouse wall decor. For example, you can style a mudroom with a wooden hall tree. This wood piece can be paired with a bench for additional storage. A multi-toned floor complements the wood. You can also use pipe for attractive wall decor.

The industrial farmhouse theme uses black and tan colors, but you can also incorporate wood or brick materials. You can even combine elements from the factory into your modern farmhouse kitchen.

Natural themes

If you have decided to add a modern farmhouse style to your home, you can mix modern materials with traditional ones. For example, you can add pictures with natural themes. Botanical prints are a perfect fit for this theme, as they lend a rural feel to the room. Alternatively, you can use black and white photographs and simple line drawings for a more neutral look.

Another option for modern farmhouse wall decor is hand-knit wall baskets. They add a natural touch to the walls while displaying various natural themes. You can find hand-knit wall baskets in multiple shapes and sizes, giving your walls a unique look.

Neutral colors

Neutral colors are the perfect backdrop for the modern farmhouse style. The look can be finished with a collection of artwork. These works of art can be used on the walls to add character and color to a room. When choosing artwork for a modern farmhouse design, remember to stick to two to three colors and avoid busy patterns and bright colors, which will distract from the neutral palette and detract from the farmhouse style.

For the walls, choose neutral tones such as white. It is easy to create the modern farmhouse aesthetic and keeps the room from looking too stark. Soft whites, such as off-white or pale neutrals, make the room appear smoother. Gradient tones of a single color will also work well in this style.