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Add a Modern Touch to Your Decor With Round Wall Decor


Whether you’re decorating your living room or office, you can add a modern touch by hanging round wall decor. These stylish pieces of wall decor have a unique style and feature a small shelf and a geometric background with multiple colors. In addition, they’re great for displaying small items on the wall.

Five rows of stacked circles

This wall decor features five rows of stacked circles in a range of blues. It’s made from solid wood and comes with mounting hardware. It’s the perfect addition to your farmhouse-inspired decor. Remember, this wall art is intended for decorative purposes only.

Spiral design

A spiral design for round wall decor can add a touch of elegance to your home. Made from metal, this piece features a spiral design and overlapping metal pieces. Its smooth weathered finish makes it perfect for any room. It can also be used in office spaces or hotels. This decorative piece adds color and dimension to any room. Whether you’re decorating for a wedding or updating your home’s decor, this piece is sure to please!

Spiral designs in round wall decor can be subtle or overt. For instance, a spiral design made from an iron wire shaped like a rose would look lovely in a room. You can also add a small metal ring to add visual interest. A spiral design can also be made from interlinking black metal rings. This wall decor piece is handmade and has a distressed finish.

Medallion design

This Medallion design for round wall decor is a contemporary item showcasing intricate detailing and the finest craftsmanship. Made of metal, this piece promises to last for many years. It features a circular shape and a delicate swirl design for an elegant and classy accent to any room. This piece looks incredibly stunning when hung on a large, light-colored wall.