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Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Cryptomic review: Is It Worth This Price ?


Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Cryptomic review: this is not yet another air purifier on the already cluttered market. It’s smart and can clean indoor pollutant air while keeping you warm. Let me discuss this more with you…

Air pollution is no joke at all. Anyone living in a major metropolitan city, particularly in Asia, knows about the risks of high AQI levels. Come November, New Delhi, where I live, is the centre of pollution.

This dangerous level of air emissions is caused by possible health issues such as coughing, colds, chest pressure, asthma, and more. Indeed, over 1.67 million people in India die every year from long-term exposure to air pollution.

In light of this, air purifiers have become the standard. They are no longer regarded as an extra luxury. I’ve got one built in every room of my apartment.

Xiaomi can be responsible for the democratization of clean air, but Dyson Pure Hot and Cool lies at the other end of the continuum. The Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 3 is a useful package that serves only one reason.

Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Cryptomic review – On the other hand, from this Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Cryptomic review, you will know that the aim is to develop an air purifier that contributes to the visual identity of your living room and acts as a double-duty cooling fan and space heater.

Are the architecture, efficiency, and, most importantly, air purification functions of the Dyson air purifier sufficient to warrant a sky-high price? We find out about this in the Android Authority Dyson Pure Hot and Cool Cryptomic HP06 Air Purifier analysis.

Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Cryptomic review: The Beautiful Appearance

We hardly come across good-looking air purifiers that complement the aesthetics of the space. Dyson is doing so wonderfully.

Traditional air purifiers are square or round, but the Dyson Pure Cool has a round base with an oval-shaped blade-less fan at the tip. Without taking a lot of rooms, it fits seamlessly with the home and office interiors.

Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Cryptomic review reshapes the architecture of the HP04 platform that we tested earlier this year, and that’s for a good cause. The new Dyson is not a ground-up rewrite.

It’s a subtle redesign with only one new feature. In reality, the only significant change of style you’ll see is the new bland colour of gold.

However, unlike the Mi Air Purifier 3, this is not a cleaner that can be discreetly tucked away. The architecture of the Cryptomic continues to make a point. The high bladeless fan orders you to position it in front and middle, while the perforated mesh filter is modern enough.

Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Cryptomic review: A Heat Purifier Too?

I guess there’s more to say about the brilliance of making a device that plays three separate functions over a single feature air purifier, but I’m digressing.

It’s quick to ignore that Dyson Pure Hot and Cool is also a cleaner of air. In reality, it is its primary feature, and, as you would expect from a quality product, it does an excellent job.

I had the chance to test the air purifier when New Delhi was undergoing an intense period of air pollution, way over the 1000 AQI level. By any metric, that’s dangerous.

During my analysis process, I checked this several times with both the built-in readout and the dedicated air quality sensor. The findings have been constant over several runs.


Is it too expensive?

Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Cryptomic review agrees that it’s very understandable since Dyson heaters are the coolest heaters available today. They all look great from their space heaters to the fan heaters. However, they are still one of the most expensive heaters in the world, and while most people try to get them, they hardly do.