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Apple Airpods Max Review: The Best Set of Headphones?


Apple Airpods Max Review – If you have been following trends on the Apple accessory market, you can agree that it was only a matter of time until we got ourselves Apple headphones. Well, the good news is that they are finally here. In this Apple Airpods Max review, we will be looking at the new headphones to understand if they were worth the wait. In this apple Airpods Max review, we will be looking at whether the headphones are worth the price; keep reading. 

The Apple Airpods Max Review

Released in 2020, The Apple Airpods Max claimed the headset throne without much of a struggle. We will be looking at exactly why Apple Airpods are the hallmark of luxury and quality sound in this review.

Apple AirpodsMax Review: The Sound Quality

We will go straight to the gist and talk about the main reason you buy headphones. The most important thing when it comes to headphones is sound quality. Apple did justice in this regard, and we can guarantee you that you will be impressed. The bass on the Apple Airpods Max is excellent, it is undoubtedly powerful, but it is tightened to make sure that it does not disturb the rhythm of the music you are listening to. 

The attention to detail in the piece is superb, with every note falling into place, ensuring that you get the best quality well-balanced coming from both sides of the headphones. The balance makes it the perfect headset for movies. If you want to Netflix and Chill, you need to get yourself a par. 

Apple Airpods Max Review: Design 

One thing Apple has made a signature over the years is the built quality of their products. The headphones carry a sleek design that is pretty new to the market. Apple did make sure that the headphones are slim, a trademark that becomes design off late on the headphone market. The colours are also one thing that makes sure you stand out if you are in a crowd. If you want a premium pair of headphones that will fit in no matter where you are, the quality of the Airpods Max will do that. 

Apple Airpods Max Review Connectivity

With Bluetooth 5.0, the Apple Airpods Max is the epitome of connectivity. Bluetooth 5.0 allows you to connect to an over 10 meters away device without the sound throttling. This means you do not have to worry about carrying your MacBook or iPhone around when using the headphones. The fact that they use Bluetooth means that you can also use them to connect on devices that are not Apple devices. 

In terms of power, you are guaranteed 20 hours of playback time, which, coupled with the fast charging, means you are always set when it comes to watching movies and listening to music. The battery will also give enough talk time to last the day. This means you do not have to worry about always charging the headphones.

Apple Airpods Max Review: 


Retailing at $549 on the Apple website, the Apple Airpods Max could easily be the most expensive pair of headphones on the market. The price is very high, to be honest, and we would have to agree that it is overpriced. Not taking away from the quality but half a thousand dollars for a pair of headphones is a little out of reach for many. This, though, is a killer marketing strategy on Apple’s part, and over the years, we have seen it work miracles. We can hope it works.

Premium headphone lovers can enjoy quality sound and get that perfect headphone design they have been yearning for. 


How much does the Apple Airpods Max cost?

The Apple Airpods Max earpods are retailing cost $549 on the Apple store

Can you use the Apple Airpods Max on all Apple devices?

Yes, you can connect your Apple Airpods Max to any Apple device with Bluetooth

How long does the Apple Airpods Max battery last?

The battery on the Airpods Max can last up to 24 hours