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Tipandroid – Your smartphone can make your life more fun, easy, and convenient. It can be a mobile gadget that can give you hours of entertainment since you can play games, listen to music, and watch movies, shows, and videos on it. With the right apps, it can be an employee’s and company owner’s handy device that they can use to do some work and get in touch with other workers, customers, clients, suppliers, and other business partners. A smartphone is the perfect technological companion for thousands of people today.

Smartphones, though, are not immune from malfunctioning or getting broken. They can quickly get faulty from regular wear and tear and years of use (or overuse).

Tipandroid – One of the usual problems users of smartphones will encounter is hanging. Hanging happens when your smartphone’s processing becomes very slow, and the pages take a lot of time to open up. There are many reasons why smartphones have this problem, but the most usual one is that the RAM of these phones cannot be expanded to more than a limited space, and hence, they can start giving users problems within a period.

You can prevent your smartphone from hanging and giving you headaches by following some simple tips. These tips include the following:

• Tipandroid – Close apps or functions that you are not using. When these apps or features are always open, whether you are using them or not, they will take up RAM or memory space. As such, the processor will work more and, consequently, make your phone hang.

• Tipandroid – Be aware of your smartphone’s limits. Make sure your phone is capable of handling whatever apps or software you want to install on it. For instance, not all phones can be installed with 3D games or specific, usually newer apps.

• Tipandroid – Look after your phone’s internal memory. A smartphone’s internal memory doesn’t only hold your songs, photos, documents, and video; it also has your phone’s operating system or OS. The processor is directly in control of the OS and, consequently, controls your phone’s function as far as software is concerned. Delete files, images, videos, and other data that you don’t require, use or view regularly so that your phone will have sufficient memory to fall back on when it has to compensate for high memory functions.

Tipandroid – Delete unused or obsolete apps. Having numerous apps and games take up memory space on your phone. If they are open but not in use, they take up additional space. If your phone is the type that updates apps remotely, more space will be eaten up. As such, make sure you only keep the essential apps on your phone and delete the ones that you don’t use or need.