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Customizing Your AR-15 With a Thumbhole Stock


The AR-15 is a flexible platform that can be tailored to any shooter’s preferences using an array of accessories, such as its new thumbhole stock. This sleek new addition provides shooters with advanced ergonomic support while adding style.

Hera Arms CQR Stock is constructed of glass-fiber reinforced polymer for maximum compactness and ergonomic use, mounting directly to a standard carbine buffer tube.

Featureless Stocks

IF YOUR STATE HAS ENACTED AN ASSERTERWEAPON BANN, the only way for an AR-15 owner to continue using it legally is to purchase a featureless stock. These stocks remove the thumbhole that allows for shooting and are available from various manufacturers; many features that come standard on other AR-15 stocks can also be added if desired.

The Hera CQR Featureless CA Compliant Stock was explicitly developed with enthusiasts in mind. This easy-to-install replacement buttstock for AR15 rifles with mil-spec buffer tubes provides an ergonomic and compact SBR system for this platform, coming complete with CQR Front Grip for optimal comfort. Choose between Gen II or Gen III versions, depending on your preferences!

This stock is an ideal option for those who seek a minimalist weapon with modern improvements, including four QD sling attachment points and four rubber butt pads for comfort as well as an internal storage compartment that holds ammunition or essentials. Compatible with standard rifle mags as well as SR-25 mags.

Thordsen FRS-15 Stock kit is another popular option. This California legal conversion kit makes your AR-15 featureless carbine ready with ease and requires no tools for installation; additionally, its standard magazine release button enables reversion back to its original form should you move outside California.

Purchase a kit to transform your collapsible or folding stock to featureless. These are often more convenient when transporting while still retaining functionality if banned in your state. However, such kits may be slightly more costly.

Ambidextrous safety upgrades are an integral component of any AR-15, mainly when used with featureless stocks. They allow the user to operate safeties using either hand and make switching shooting positions much simpler.

Adjustable Stocks

Adjustable stocks provide an AR-15 rifle that can quickly and easily adapt to fit the body and shooting position of its user and are lightweight so as to be easier on your back when carrying heavy gear or wearing vests. Furthermore, adjustable stocks tend to be shorter than fixed stocks, making them more straightforward to maneuver when shooting.

Adjustable stocks offer several advantages over fixed stocks. One key benefit is that it takes up less storage space in your gun safe; also, being able to adjust your rifle’s length of pull (LOP) can make shooting more comfortable for people of different heights.

Fixed stocks remain an option, though not always the first choice among many shooters. Reasons include ergonomics and cost considerations. A key thing to keep in mind when choosing your stock is that it must fit you like a glove; otherwise, you won’t get maximum performance out of your firearm and could end up hurting yourself in the process.

Fixed stocks that come equipped with rubber butt pads may help reduce recoil impulse that impacts your shoulders and trigger finger, helping you shoot for longer without experiencing pain from recoil. This feature can especially come in handy if shooting for extended periods can lead to fatigue that results in flinching or loss of accuracy.

Collapsible stocks provide extra adjustability, fitting carbine buffer tubes with multiple locking points to adjust the length of pull. Lightweight, easy to carry around, and collapsible stocks are great for CQB and competition shooting; they may even come in handy during CQB situations! However, not everyone prefers them; some prefer the solid feel and durability of fixed stocks, so before making your final decision, it is advisable to research any collapsible stocks you’re considering buying thoroughly.

Adjustable Thumbhole Stocks

Shooters looking for more comfortable rifle grip options have many choices available to them. One such solution is a thumbhole stock, which enables the shooter to keep their wrist in a more stable position when firing and thus reduce fatigue while also improving accuracy. Furthermore, this type of stock allows shooters with larger hands to use their firearms more comfortably than standard stocks would allow.

Manufacturers now include thumbhole stocks in their product catalogs as they’ve proven popular among both casual and professional shooters alike. One such thumbhole stock, McMillan Adjustable A-5 Thumbhole Stock, is designed for precision tactical long-range shooting, featuring an adjustable cheek piece to achieve optimal cheek weld as well as an ergonomic thumbhole grip for more comfort when holding onto the rifle.

Boyds AT-One Adjustable Thumbhole Stock is another fantastic example of an adjustable thumbhole stock. Designed for optimal customizing, this flexible model offers multiple adjustments that ensure your rifle fits you perfectly, such as changing the comb height and length of pull.

Though thumbhole stocks offer many advantages, not everyone may find them comfortable to use. This is especially true if they have smaller hands; reaching the trigger may prove challenging with these stocks. The AT-One stock, on the other hand, features a large thumb hole to accommodate users with larger hands.

Another key benefit of the AT-One is its versatility in being compatible with both AR-15 and AR-10 rifles, offering shooters cost savings by enabling them to switch between both rifles depending on what type of shooting they need to do – this can be especially valuable if you regularly compete between hunting and target shooting!

Featured Stocks

Thumbhole stocks may provide shooters with smaller hands a more secure grip on their firearm. With traditional stores, one must wrap one’s thumb over the top of the rifle in order to reach the trigger, often leading to discomfort and fatigue during long sessions of shooting. By switching to a thumbhole stock instead, however, one can simply slide one’s thumb through its hole for a more natural and relaxed hold on one’s firearm.

Minelli offers an expansive selection of gun and rifle stocks, including several styles with built-in thumbholes like the Hera Arms CQR Rifle Buttstock, which features this feature for precise shooting. Additionally, featureless versions with no thumbhole are also available to meet state regulations in California.

Magpul’s MOE SL-S Carbine Stock is another popular choice among law enforcement and military users, featuring reinforced locking levers, tension spring, multiple QD sling swivel slots, and polymer construction that’s suitable for Mil-Spec AR15/M4 buffer tubes – plus it comes in various color choices to match your build!