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How to Maintain an AR-7 Stock


Based on the essential elements of an Air Force survival rifle, our design must meet three criteria: it must be light enough for flight use and watertight when dropped; collapse into a compact stock for storage purposes; provide food or repel predators as needed.

Made from Nylon (SLS) and then sandblasted, dyed, and shot-peened for strength, this adapter installs using a socket head screw that reuses factory threaded holes on your AR-7 rifle.

Easy to assemble

ArmaLite’s AR-7 was developed specifically to meet the needs of Air Force pilots and crew as a last-ditch survival rifle in case of emergency. Intended as a compact takedown 22 rifle, it could easily fit inside cramped cockpits of Super Cubs or backpacks and was easy to assemble during emergencies. Furthermore, its innovative stock allows it to work more efficiently in tight spots than conventional firearms would do.

The AR-7 features an uncluttered, lightweight design that’s easy to assemble and disassemble without tools. Both barrel and action are inserted through cutouts in its stock that capture a retaining bolt before being tightened to secure the receiver and barrel in their place. Once assembled, an eight-round magazine fits neatly into its butt plate for loading the gun with high velocity.22LR ammunition. Overall length when made: 35″.

Henry Repeating Arms currently produces this rifle and has significantly enhanced the original design by making the gun lighter while using upgraded plastic in its stock, adding a rail to allow mounting optics, and keeping its peep aperture rear sight with two aperture sizes available to choose from.

The weapon weighs only 3.5 pounds, making it lightweight enough for carrying in packs or planes and easily stored away in small places like pockets and back seats. Assembly/disassembly takes less than 60 seconds with a smooth operation that locks mags tightly shut; side safety operations are easy while its trigger feels strong.

Its only drawback is its incompatibility with certain brands of ammo; CCI Stingers and Remington high-velocity hollow point ammo tend to work best with this rifle’s minor mag well, though full-length mags should always be used when using this gun.

Easy to disassemble

The AR-7 rifle is an easily transportable take-down model with two magazines that fit snugly inside its stock when disassembled, making it an ideal choice for backpackers or bush pilots who may need to hunt small game for survival in remote locations. Furthermore, its light weight makes it suitable for carrying around and using in emergencies like plane crashes.

Armalite’s Eugene Stoner originally designed the AR-7 as an Air Force pilot backup weapon in remote areas due to its compact design and ability to be disassembled into four pieces (action, barrel, magazine, and stock). As it feeds from an eight-round magazine and protects its aluminum receiver and stamped steel action parts with stainless-steel barrel shroud protection, it makes an excellent survival rifle.

Maintaining an AR-7 firearm is easy; only two components require regular attention: the bolt and receiver latch. The latter consists of a simple blowback unit using a rimless cartridge case; however, its firing can sometimes be picky with certain brands of ammunition – however, this particular model shoots particularly well when loaded with CCI Stingers or Remington high-velocity hollow points.

The AR-7’s stock is constructed of lightweight and weatherproof ABS plastic. This allows it to be easily molded around any scope or molded to fit tight spots that would usually be out of reach, such as in a cramped cockpit of a Super Cub. Furthermore, its slim shape means it fits easily into any backpack or the back of your car, with enough styrofoam filled within to float if dropped into water.

The AR-7 rifle is ideal for backpacking and bush flying, though its manufacturer does not recommend using it for hunting or target shooting. As its accuracy and speed do not match that of traditional rifles, using one on windy days may prove challenging with its scope being complex to operate correctly and plastic material warping quickly under direct sunlight, causing issues for durability.

Easy to clean

Maintaining an AR7 stock requires proper cleaning and maintenance. First, remove the magazine and the action from the stock before disengaging its barrel nut by turning it counterclockwise and clearing its action nut by turning it counterclockwise until you can separate the action from the cache. Clean all components before returning them to their respective places within the store.

This rifle features a stock made of ABS plastic for improved warp resistance. Additionally, its coating with Teflon makes it more rustproof, in addition to two magazines and a hard carry case.

The AR-7 rifle is an invaluable compact weapon designed to serve as an emergency survival weapon. However, its finickiness when it comes to ammunition means you must experiment with different brands and types. Henry recommends lubricating it after every 100 rounds and cleaning it after each use to take it beyond casual plinking.

Easy to maintain

This rifle is highly user-friendly; all components fit snugly within its stock, shielded from elements like moisture. The barrel, action, and two eight-round magazines include in its butt stock for storage – when fully packed, it’s said it would float if dropped into water! It was designed as a survival rifle based on fundamental principles: chambered in small caliber ammunition that’s lightweight to carry and disassembles into its stock easily, such as James Bond using it in the From Russia With Love 1963 film version and Q (Desmond Llewelyn). Both actors used versions of characters played by Llewelyn in From Russia With Love, as seen in the 1963 film version used by Q (Desmond Llewelyn).