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Features of the AR-7 Survival Rifle


The AR-7 is a takedown survival rifle, most notable for being disassembled and stored in its plastic stock. Original Armalite and Charter Arms versions even had styrofoam filler around its barrel, receiver, and magazine to facilitate floating.

Takedown technology also captured the interest of celluloid spy snipers such as Sean Connery’s James Bond from “From Russia with Love.” That was enough to increase sales.

Floating Stock

A floating stock on an AR-7 makes for easy dismantling and storage, making it perfect for backpacking trips or outdoor recreation that require lightweight weapons with emergency capabilities.

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Removable Buttplate

A removable butt-plate is one of the AR-7’s standout features, transforming it into a highly compact package that fits neatly into any storage situation – such as your backpack, suitcase, trunk, or seatback – or three magazines can work inside it for storage purposes when not required. Not only can this make using your gun easier when needed, it’s also a great way to keep your weapon away when not required safely.

The buttplate features a padded, curved portion to help the user hold their weapon comfortably when in tactical fighting positions. With its single orientation two-position release lever, it can easily be attached or detached from the buffer tube of the gun, while anti-rattle springs secure attachment of butt stock to the buffer tube while anti-drag ribs reduce drag when inserting butt stock into the buffer tube.

Buttstocks feature a rounded bottom portion that allows users to roll it smoothly from ready to firing positions. Molded from nylon for strength and durability, their buttstocks are then sandblasted, dyed, and shot peened to achieve an appearance and finish comparable to injection molded parts.

The butt plate features a locking button designed to keep it from collapsing when collapsed, which is held in place with a black knurled locknut you tighten with a hex key. When ready to remove it, push down on it with a mallet before tapping in the direction of removal until a pop can be heard.

Sling Swivels

Sling swivels provide an easy way to attach gun slings. Available in various mounting standards – swivel studs, QD sockets, and flush cup swivels – these quick detachable devices make attaching gun slings to rifles or shotguns that have an integral attachment point for one easy. Sling swivels may also come equipped with an attachment point that makes attaching/detaching easier; perfect for rifles/shotguns, which have an integral attachment point built directly into their stock or forend.

As part of any hunt, training session, or competition – or indeed when using weapons for military purposes – it’s vital to have access to quality slings. Rifle slings allow you to carry and deploy firearms quickly while freeing up both hands for other tasks; additionally, they can also serve to stabilize weapons when shooting from prone positions for precision target shooting.

There is a wide selection of two-point and three-point slings to choose from, each offering different advantages for various needs. Two-point slings connect directly to weapons, while three-point ones have loops of material encircling your body, attaching to both the front and rear parts of the gun. It would be best if you decided which will best meet your requirements before selecting one for yourself.

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Adjustable Rear Sight

Adjustable rear sights that can adjust both for windage and elevation can help achieve maximum accuracy, especially for pistols that typically utilize fixed sights. If you want to enhance the performance of your 92/96 series pistol, adding an adjustable rear view could help bring your line of sight closer to its point of impact and lead to more accurate shots. If this sounds interesting to you, consider adding one today.

Every adjustable handgun sight comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages, each offering different levels of adjustment to compensate for windage or elevation adjustments. While some flexible pictures only move left or right to adjust windage, others allow users to make these changes up or down for elevation adjustment as well. There are even specific carry applications explicitly designed to prevent clothing or holster snags when taking.

The Charter Arms Survival AR-7 rifle is a bolt action model developed specifically to meet the needs of Air Force pilots for pocketable survival rifles. It is known for its portability, ease of use, and reliability, making it popular with bush pilots and backpackers. An easy assembly process keeps components protected, while waterproof stock ensures a floatation feature should it fall into the water.

The stock features an adjustable rear sight with elevation and windage adjustments for use with multiple accessories. In addition, there is a Picatinny rail section attached to the bottom of the receiver that makes attachment to accessories easy without drilling required – recommended installation service centers can be found by clicking here.

Magazine Release

ArmaLite’s AR-7 survival rifle, initially created for US Air Force pilots in 1959 and later popularized through their groundbreaking AR-15, remains an absolute classic among bush pilots, backpackers, and backcountry adventurers. Easily disassembled into four components – barrel, receiver, pistol grip, and magazine – that nest easily inside an expandable collapsible stock is easy without tools; fully dismantled, it fits easily in most backpacks while even floating if dropped into water!

One issue with the survival rifle, however, is its magazine release button’s location – being forward of the trigger guard and thus requiring thumb operation from one’s non-firing hand to operate it and prone to becoming caught up on gear or foliage.

A new ambidextrous push-button magazine release for side-locking ammunition magazines addresses this problem by moving the button to an enlarged contact surface that makes actuation from either hand easy and provides less of an incline on distal cam surface when pushed leftward compared with rightward pushes.

This small change can have a significant impact on the ease and accuracy of magazine changes. It also eliminates a common issue among standard push buttons: their tendency to develop a crunchy feel during compression, leading to unreliable mag drops as well as jamming or malfunctions. Another notable improvement with the CSMR is two bosses to help maintain concentric spring compression, as well as an 8o raked face for easier finger placement – something most people don’t usually consider upgrading with, yet still providing immediate and noticeable benefits over out-of-the-box mag releases.