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Call of Duty: Warzone 2 – Muddy Waters Guide Part 3 – Extracting Crown Intel From Ashika Power Plant


Are You Playing Call of Duty: Warzone 2? If so, perhaps you may already know about the Season 2 update’s Ashika Island and faction missions like Muddy Waters that require players to find and collect Crown Intel from Ashika Power Plant.

How to find it

Call of Duty: Warzone 2 DMZ’s Season 2 update added Ashika Island and various quests. One such investigation, Muddy Waters, takes players on an expedition to retrieve three items scattered throughout Ashika Island: Shadow Company USB stick, Ashika Island Intel, and Crown Intel. To complete the mission and Exfiltrate them all to complete Muddy Waters successfully.

To find Crown Intel, players must first find two other documents – Shadow Company Stick and Ashika Island Intel. After doing so, they must head towards Ashika Power Plant, located northwest of Tsuki Castle and Oganikku Farm; it may contain enemies within, but clearing them out shouldn’t prove too challenging and allow entry.

Once inside, head directly to the upper-level control room and locate a document behind the power controls desk to complete your DMZ Muddy Waters faction mission: Find and Extract Crown Intel From Ashika Power Plant.

Where to find it

Muddy Waters mission’s third part requires players to locate and extract Crown Intel from Ashika Power Plant. While finding its exact location may take some time, this guide will walk players through how to do just that to complete this part of Muddy Waters’s mission.

Once located, players should find the Power Plant on the map. Situated northwest of Tsuki Castle and classified as a stronghold, players will require a Stronghold Key Card to enter its facilities – this can either be found looted from enemies or bought at Buy Stations. Once they possess one of these keys, players should head directly to the Plant’s central control room to search for Crown intel documents to enable faster progress through missions.

Once players have discovered Crown intel, they should travel to an Exfil location on the island and leave. This will complete their mission and unlock numerous rewards, such as the X12 Maniples blueprint. However, players should proceed carefully in their extraction process to ensure everything goes smoothly and is completed correctly.

Crown Intel can be hard to come by in Warzone DMZ, but with some guidance, it shouldn’t be too challenging. This guide aims to assist players in locating this item for Legion Tier One Muddy Waters missions. Finding it can be daunting, but with proper preparation, it shouldn’t be too challenging! Best of luck, and I hope this information proves helpful!

How to extract it

Warzone 2.0 DMZ’s Muddy Waters Faction Mission requires finding and extracting Crown Intel from Ashika Power Plant – an expansive stronghold between Tsuki Castle and Oganikku Farm that can only be entered with a Stronghold Key dropped by enemies. Once inside, head straight for the power room on the second floor, where you will find this document behind its control desk.

If you don’t already possess a Stronghold Key, kill some enemies until one drops. With your newfound weapon, head towards Ashika Power Plant’s second floor, where the crown intelligence will be hidden behind a computer desk.

Muddy Waters Faction Mission in Warzone 2.0’s DMZ map requires finding and extracting one last piece of Intel, the Crown Intel, to complete. Once located, mark its nearest Exfil location on your map so you can remove it safely when the helicopter arrives. It could become confusing without the proper method; follow our guide if you want the most accessible experience!

How to complete the mission

Call of Duty fans know that Warzone 2.0 Season 2 brought Ashika Island along with several quests. One such pursuit, Muddy Waters, requires players to find and extract Crown Intel from Ashika Power Plant; however, newcomers might find this process tricky and take longer than anticipated.

Begin your mission by acquiring a Stronghold Key by killing or purchasing it at a Buy Station. When you have it, head towards Ashika Power Plant to clear out enemies before entering, as there could be several inside. After clearing it all out, go up to the third floor of Ashika Power Plant, where Crown Intel can be found behind the Power Controls desk; once found, mark your Exfil location on your map and make your way there before waiting for the Helicopter to arrive and extracting safely to complete the mission successfully.

Once you have collected Crown Intel, to complete the DMZ Muddy Waters Faction Mission, you must also find and extract Shadow Company USB Stick and Ashika Island Intel from various DMZ locations and exit them before time runs out on this task.