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GardaWorld Ehub Portal


Register and access your team hub portal here, then gain essential security details.

Garda Commissioner Drew Harris noted the union was making an important point: protecting gardai from intimidation or threats online was necessary and often encountered malicious remarks on social media platforms such as Twitter.

Time and Attendance

GardaWorld provides travel security, crisis response, consulting, and protective services that deliver speed, reliability, flexibility, and peace of mind – discover more about working with us now.

The eHub ESS Timekeeping screen allows employees with an Employee access license to add or edit their time entries using an Employee access license. Its Work Ticket Must Match Timekeeping Job feature checks that the Work Ticket job matches that on the timekeeping entry, while other tools enable employees to filter, sort, and add records as necessary.


GardaWorld Cash Services provides its employees with an attractive pay package, including benefits such as insurance, dental coverage, and 401K plans. Employees also enjoy flexible scheduling arrangements and diverse work assignments from multiple industries spanning numerous sectors. Furthermore, GardaWorld offers comprehensive training opportunities and career advancement possibilities.

GardaWorld provides customers and employees of its business with a secure self-service portal called eHub for self-serve accessing schedules, pay stubs, and updating contact information online. In addition, users can check incident statuses using Silvertrac’s project management software tool.

Employees can use the eHub website to download forms and submit documents such as W2 forms faster and keep track of them more easily through a streamlined workflow system. Plus, this portal is also accessible on mobile devices!