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Add Whimsy to Your Garden With a Dog Planter


Add personality and charm to your garden with this dog planter – perfect for pet enthusiasts! It makes an adorable present for pet lovers.

If your pets dig up your plants, try covering the soil with seashells or pinecones to deter digging. Planters with raised sides can also keep them out of reach.

Raised Planter

Raised planters are self-contained containers filled with soil that allow plants to flourish on the ground, elevated by legs, or attached to walls. A raised planter will enable you to cultivate vegetables, flowers, or herbs in places they wouldn’t normally grow; lightweight materials like wood or plastic make moving it around easy while gardening without bending over can reduce back and knee issues.

Making or purchasing an already assembled raised planter is an option, especially if space is limited. When creating one yourself, make sure that before buying any materials, the planer fits well into its designated spot and meets all your size, style, and functionality requirements. When creating one from scratch, it’s also essential that measurements of available floor space are taken before any purchases to create something appropriate and fitting precisely into place.

Consider how it will stand up against the elements when selecting materials for your raised planter. If it will be exposed to direct sunlight, consider weatherproof options that are UV light resistant and won’t discolor over time. Alternatively, choose dark-colored materials for shaded locations that blend into their surroundings seamlessly.

Your planter might benefit from natural oil coatings like tung or linseed oil. But beware: both contain volatile organic compounds (VOC), so these should only be applied on the exterior or over paint with no VOC content. AFM DynoSeal stain provides an interior solution free from VOCs for internal protection.

To keep your raised planter as eco-friendly as possible, an all-natural compost tumbler is ideal for converting kitchen, yard, and garden waste into nutrient-rich compost in just weeks. Perfect for urban gardens and homes with small yards that lack space, these units make compost production easier while eliminating the need to dig in your garden. These tumblers come in various sizes that fit most areas easily.

Planter Stakes

Planter stakes support delicate plants while adding decorative flair to your garden. To create planter stakes, dig a hole twice as wide and half as deep as the root of your desired plant, drive in a stake using a hammer or screwdriver, and tie a tree tie around its stem – this will protect it against wind or animals!

Deter birds from attacking your plants with old CDs or shiny objects by stringing lengths of twine between stakes to hang bird scarers such as old CDs. When applying paper to wood surfaces, always use Outdoor Mod Podge because its regular Matte product spreads too thin and won’t adhere well.

Planter Covers

Protect your planters from animals or children who might wreak havoc by covering the soil with materials out of reach, which will deter them from digging up your plants to consume or play in, while also helping prevent water loss by keeping the soil moist and keeping water loss to a minimum.

A simple planter cover requires cutting 1-inch strips from balsa wood. Please measure around your planter to get an idea of its height and cut pieces accordingly before gluing two strips together at their ends to form one loop for the bottom of your planter.

Once your loops are ready, use two dab of glue on either end of a wooden dowel and position it between two loops – repeat this until all surfaces of your planter have been covered in this way.

Planter Accessories

Nurserylive’s selection of planter accessories helps your planters remain tidy and maintained, including planter saucers, trays, liners, and stands/hangers that help prevent water damage to surfaces while supporting healthy plant growth through proper drainage. Plus, our elevated stands add style to your favorite containers!

Add some playful dog flair to your entryway, porch, or patio with our wooden dog planters – the ideal present for animal lovers in your life! These unique planters will put a smile on their face while making an impressionful statement in their garden. Suitable for modern or traditional homes alike – our whimsical planters will stand the test of time as an enjoyable piece that makes an impressionful statement piece!