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Bakerman Menu in Ashta District 8


Pastries, Egg tarts, Middle Eastern dip, Croffles and Croquets are among the options on the baker’s main menu. You will also find a variety of pasta dishes. Middle Eastern descent is an excellent choice and comes with various ingredients. You can also find the classic egg salad with dill, mustard and a vegetarian alternative made with sunflower seeds and garbanzo beans.


Pastries on the Bakerman menu are just some of the many choices available to those who want to savour their best sweet tooth. Whether you are craving a slice of freshly baked bread or a sweet treat, the menu at Bakerman is sure to have something to fit your fancy. You can find it here if you’re craving a classic slice of pumpkin pie or a healthier take on the classic chocolate chip cookie.

Pastries at Bakerman are made from fresh ingredients to give you the best possible taste. They range from dimakan to Bawa pulang and are prepared daily to ensure freshness. Pastries like the coffee belakangan, with its sensasi Kenya and lapisan in the centre, are especially popular. In addition to pies, there are other choices, like the kopi pilihan with sesame seeds and fried eggs.

Pastries at Bakerman are also available for takeaway. In addition to pies, the bakery offers tasty ice cream, tea, coffee, and absinthe. It’s also known for its delicious lemonade and matcha latte.

Egg tarts

Egg tarts are among the many treats that can be found on the Bakerman menu. They are baked with a creamy custard filling and a buttery crust. They make for delicious gifts and are easy to order. Many reviewers also note that the staff at this famous bakery is very knowledgeable.

To make an egg tart, you need two ingredients: eggs and sugar water. Start by dissolving the sugar in one cup of hot water. Next, add the evaporated milk and whisk until smooth. Once this mixture is blended well, add the eggs. Then, strain the mixture through a fine-mesh strainer. This step is essential to ensure that your egg tarts come out smooth.

Other items on the Bakerman menu include croissant tart and original profile. They also offer croissants and berlapis croissants. The croissant Portuguese egg tart is particularly popular and covered in dark chocolate fondant.

Middle Eastern dip

Try a Middle Eastern dip if you’re looking for a quick, savoury snack. This creamy spread is traditionally served with warm pita bread, but it can also be eaten with chips or crackers. If you’re looking for something more substantial, try mountable dip, which is made with eggplant and tahini. The drop goes well with pita bread and is incredibly refreshing in hot weather.

A famous Middle Eastern dip, hummus has a nuttiness from sesame paste. Served with pita chips or tortilla chips, it is a delicious alternative to salsa. It can be eaten with a spoon or even a fork! You can make your version of hummus by adding your favourite mix-ins. This dip is ubiquitous in Greek and Middle Eastern cuisine and goes well with fresh veggies, pita, and grilled meat.


Profiles are a staple breakfast at Bakerman, a famous bakery in Ashta District 8. The profiles are delicious and come in many different flavours. Some are even topped with ice cream! However, you should try the original coffee, which is not too sweet and comes with a side of ice cream.

The profiles are made fresh daily. Some are dimakan and others are made in a Bawa pulang mould. The pastry is always fresh so you can be sure of the quality. One of the most popular profiles is the coffee belakangan, which has lapisan and sensasi renyah in the centre. If you’ve been to Bakerman recently, you might have noticed the skin Montreal on the menu.

This coffee is one of the most popular in Jakarta. You can find Bakerman in mal Ashta District 8 SCBD, Jakarta Selatan. It’s easy to find and has open 24 hours.