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What’s on the Hungry Horse Menu?


You may be wondering what is on the Hungry Horse menu. The truth is that you can find out by downloading the Hungry Horse menu. It may have changed since we last updated our website, but you can still get a copy. You can also find the menu on their official website. The menu includes a full English breakfast, a Double Donut Burger, and more.

Full English Breakfast

The Hungry Horse restaurant and catering provides home-style meals to customers in Boerne, TX. This restaurant is popular with both locals and tourists. It is open daily from 11:00am to 9pm and offers a variety of entrees with reasonable portions. Customers can also order to go for a quick meal or order ahead of time.

For breakfast, customers can choose from a variety of options, including a Full English Breakfast. This meal includes two rashers of bacon, a free-range fried egg, baked beans, two hash browns, and half a grilled tomato. Breakfast is available all day, and a large breakfast is also available.

The Hungry Horse has recently unveiled a new breakfast menu. The new menu includes classic favorites and new menu items. One of the newest additions to the menu is a new fragrance, aptly named ‘Eau de Breakfast.’ Its scent is a blend of bacon, smoky sausages, and fresh toast. The scent is sold in stylish 50ml bottles. The scent is available on the Hungry Horse website.

Double Donut Burger

The Double Donut Burger is a family-friendly sandwich on the menu of Hungry Horse pub restaurants. It contains nearly 2,000 calories and a hefty portion of saturated fat, sugar, and salt. This meal has been criticised by nutritional experts, including Mel Wakeman. The Double Donut Burger is not recommended for people with high cholesterol or anyone who’s underweight, and should be avoided.

A spokesperson for the Hungry Horse restaurant chain has issued a warning about the Double Donut Burger on the menu. The burger contains 125g of fat, 8.2g of salt, and 53g of sugar. It also has a high calorie content of 236g, which is more than what the recommended daily allowance for adult males and females is.

The Double Donut Burger on the Hungry Horse menu contains two large beef patties, several slices of cheese, four strips of bacon, two whole glazed donuts, and a slice of tomato. According to the website, this burger contains 1966 calories, which is equivalent to the calories in forty McNuggets. A KFC Double Down sandwich also contains about the same amount of calories.

Hungry Horse’s website also lists the nutritional information for each of its menu items, as well as guideline daily amounts for men, women, and children. The BBQ Pulled Pork (Wo)Man Vs Burrito contains 3,500 calories, 65g of fat, and 13g of salt.