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What Is a Michelin Rating?


A Michelin star is a mark of excellence awarded to restaurants that meet the criteria. The Michelin guide’s director and a team of worldwide inspectors hold star sessions, which may last several days and consider each restaurant in its country. Then, the rating is published in a country-specific guide. A restaurant may earn one or more stars based on specific criteria, such as the level of emotion it generates. A Michelin star is also awarded to restaurants whose chefs demonstrate their unique style.

Criteria for awarding a Michelin star

The Michelin guide has long been reliable for judging the quality of a restaurant’s food. The Michelin guide first began as a way to promote road trips and highlight restaurants along the way. Today, the Guide is a global standard for evaluating restaurants and hotels. The criteria for awarding a Michelin star may vary from region to region, but the basic standards of excellence are consistent. Michelin star restaurants must meet specific standards in three main areas.

In addition to food quality, the Michelin Guide also looks at the service and ambience of a restaurant. Restaurants are assessed by anonymous inspectors, who must possess a passion for food and a keen eye for detail. They are paid by Michelin and are not allowed to talk about their work to the press. However, they do write comprehensive reports detailing their dining experiences. Of course, the most crucial factor is the quality of the food served on the plate. Other factors include plating, presentation, and service.

Michelin inspectors visit restaurants to assess the quality of their food and the cooking techniques the chefs employ. They are also looking for consistency in food preparation.

Criteria for awarding a Bib Gourmand star

The Bib Gourmand star is an honour awarded by the Michelin Guide to select the best restaurants in France. The award recognizes restaurants that serve excellent meals at reasonable prices. In addition to offering the highest quality cuisine, Bib Gourmand-awarded restaurants must provide a menu of less than $40.

Last year, 67 California restaurants earned Bib Gourmand recognition, but all those restaurants were located in the San Francisco Bay Area. However, restaurants in other counties are also eligible for Michelin honours. Some new Bib Gourmand recipients include Canon in Sacramento, Guerilla Tacos in Los Angeles, and Yafa in Monterey.

Bib Gourmand is one of the youngest Michelin categories and is focused on offering great food at an affordable price. Like Michelin’s other categories, Bib Gourmand is designed for value-conscious consumers. It’s the Michelin equivalent of the “dollar slices” category, except that inspectors don’t review dollar slices. Instead, they award one star to restaurants that meet the criteria.

Bib Gourmand restaurants must offer menu items priced below the standard cost of the area. In addition, they must also provide a reasonably-priced wine list.

Criteria for awarding a Green star

Michelin has introduced Green Michelin Stars in the Michelin Guide, awarded to restaurants that demonstrate excellence in sustainable gastronomy. These restaurants source their ingredients responsibly, reduce food waste, eliminate non-recyclables from their supply chains, and support charitable organizations. Any restaurant listed in the Michelin Guide may apply for a Green Star, and inspectors will evaluate a restaurant’s practices to determine whether they qualify. They will also consider seasonal produce, waste management, and supplier credentials.

The Michelin Green Star is an annual distinction that honours sustainable restaurants. These restaurants adhere to strict criteria regarding ethical practices throughout their business. For example, they must reduce food waste, source from sustainable suppliers, recycle materials, and use environmentally friendly techniques in the kitchen. In addition, these restaurants are leaders in sustainable gastronomy and are examples of other hospitality industry restaurants.

The Michelin Green Star was introduced in the Michelin Guide in 2020. The program’s first year, in Great Britain and Ireland saw 23 restaurants awarded the star. In that first year, the Michelin Green Star guide was published exclusively in digital format and was available online and via an iOS app.

Currently, 299 restaurants in the Michelin Guide have been awarded the Green Star. Each of these restaurants is listed in the Guide, along with a brief statement about its environmental commitment. Some examples include The French Laundry, which mentions using a solar system and an on-site culinary garden.