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Apple macOS Big Sur review – an extraordinary operating system.


The macOS Big Sur is Apple,s latest major release of its laptop and desktop operating system. A genuine Apple macOS Big Sur review will be quick to point out that it is the first OS compatible with traditional Intel Macs and the new ‘Apple Silicon’ Macs. The macOS Big Sur introduced subtle and fundamental improvements to the MacOS interface.

It is quick, stable, and has aesthetic architecture. Although it has been a recent release, the new features in macOS fit so well into the familiar interface that individuals have a seamless transition to it. Apple Inc has mastered the science of enhancing its software design without compromising the previous versions’ user experience. 

Apple macOS Big Sur review – Appearance

There is no better place to start an operating system other than the appearance. After installing the macOS Big Sur, users will notice an entirely reimagined look characterized by bright rounded corners, bright colors, and a transparent user interface. It quickly draws comparisons between it and the iOS or iPadOS. Some of the best additions on the macOS include the reimagined Control Center.

It has helpful customization and usability settings, all concealed under a single menu. It is a step in a positive direction. It enables individuals to have a better user experience as it doesn’t involve the feature-finding maneuvers in System Preferences or additional bar menu. Apple also improved its Notification Centre on the Apple macOS Big Sur review.

Users can access the upgraded Notification Center by swiping with two fingers on the trackpad to the right or clicking on the menu bar’s clock. In the Notification Centre, users will find improved customization options and several iOS-like widgets such as shortcuts to the calenders, clock, podcast apps, customizable music widgets, activity monitors, and push notifications, all grouped into one notification row. 

Apple macOS Big Sur review – Safari

Of course, any Apple macOS Big Sur review will pay attention to Apple’s web browser Safari as it is always one of the most anticipated aspects of any upgrade or version of the macOS. On the Big Sur, the Safari now has enhanced speed abilities, optimized power usage, and new privacy features that promote transparency. These include a pop-up list of all the trackers that Safari will have blocked from spying on you. 

Apple macOS Big Sur review – Applications improvements (Maps and Messages)

As expected, the macOS Big Sur added several improvements to some default applications and their primary interface. Maps were allocated a new spacious sidebar with favorite places, favorite transit lines, and recent searches catching up to the popular Google Maps. The updated version of Apple Maps also features aesthetically designed, curated Guides with recommendations for touring cities. 


The Messages app on the macOS has many features released on iOS 14. It allows you to pin conversations on the top of the sidebar and create a single image to represent group conversations instead of a cluster of ideas. The Messages app also has other improvements aimed at enhancing user experience and making messaging more convenient. 

Apple macOS Big Sur review – Security

The macOS Big Sur is a clear testament to Apple’s increasing focus on security. Users will need to grant some of their existing applications permission to access their disk when they initially launch them, Big Sur. The operating system is located on a separate disk volume called the ‘Signed Volume System’ that is cryptographically locked. Only Apple and authorized parties can access it and make the volume bootable. 

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Is it worth it to upgrade my software to the macOS Big Sur?

Yes. It is worth it.

How much does it cost to acquire the macOS Big Sur?

The macOS is a free upgrade. Users will only have to download it.

Will upgrading to the macOS Big Sur drain my battery?

No. The operating system has an Optimized Battery Option that reduces battery wear and enhances its life.