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Apple HomePod Mini review – a stunning smart speaker.


Any trustworthy Apple HomePod Mini review will reveal the smaller and cheaper version of the Apple HomePod. It is one of the latest additions to the growing Apple eco-system. It is also one of the most inexpensive devices ever sold by the tech giant, launching at $99.To find out more about reviewsis click here.

Apple HomePod Mini review – Design

The HomePod Mini is compact and comes in either white or space gray variants. Its dimensions 84mm high and 99mm wide. The HomePod Mini’s adorably apple-shaped and sleek design makes it an aesthetic wonder, as is usually the case with Apple’s devices. It is an ideal smart speaker for individuals who prioritize concealability. The HomePod Mini can easily fit into your kitchen counter, bookshelf, or desk. The device is enclosed with mesh fabric that has excellent acoustic properties.

The topmost surface of the HomePod Mini is the only interface that users have with the smart speaker. Individuals can invoke Siri, play or pause audios, or adjust the flat and touch-sensitive pad’s sound levels. The smart speaker’s hardware features multicolored LEDs that light and swirl around whenever Siri is in use, glow green the speaker for calls, and white when listening to music.

The smart speaker does not have a switch to disable Siri’s always listening feature. Users will either have to ask Siri to ‘stop listening’ or use the settings in the Home app in iOS to toggle the feature. The HomePod Mini comes with a permanently attached power cord that is about 6 feet long. The line ends in a USB-C port.

Apple HomePod Mini review – Sound quality

What is the main reason people purchase intelligent speakers? Sound quality, right. The Apple HomePod Mini review has an excellent audio performance. The acoustic design utilized cutting-edge sound technologies available in this era. It has a 360-degree sound that lacks other speakers that directly compete with it. The sound is directed from the internal driver towards the device’s base, where it is unleashed outwards, creating a more immersive sound.

The S5 chipset inside the device uses computational audio technology. It implies that the smart-speaker analyses the audio file that is playing and changes the speaker’s response accordingly. This ability to fine-tune the audio output on a real-time basis makes it an impressive device to sound enthusiasts.

Apple HomePod Mini review – Features

Of course, Apple products always feature technologically advanced tools that are always certain to improve user experience. We will highlight some of these features that are on the HomePod below.


An honest Apple HomePod Mini review will applaud its hands-off technology that enables users to transfer audios from their iPhones to the smart speaker with great ease. Users will have to turn on their Bluetooth turned on their devices and be on the same wi-fi network as the smart speaker to utilize this feature. When one places their phone near the speaker, they will experience haptic feedback and see a message on the notification panel communicating that the audio is transferring on the HomePod Mini. 

Stereo pairing

The smart speaker also enables users to pair two HomePod Mini together for stereo sound.

Smart home abilities

The HomePod Mini also enables users to control smart homes set up in the Home app on the iPhone and can also be integrated into home automation. The HomePod Mini can also act as a Home hub. This implies that you can control your smart home devices from anywhere provided you have a data connection.


An Apple HomePod Mini review should also hail the intercom feature that allows users to broadcast messages from it to another Apple device. The intercom feature can even announce the news to everyone at home who has an apple device.


What is the weight of the Apple HomePod Mini?

The HomePod Mini weighs 0.34kg.

What do I need to enjoy the full features of the HomePodMini

You will need the Apple eco-system of devices such as the iPhone to enjoy the full features of the HomePod Mini

Where can I get further information about the HomePod Mini?

You can the information at the web address www.apple.com/homepod-mini/