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Apple iPhone 12 mini review – get this amazing gadget.


Apple iPhone 12 mini review is the most affordable model in the smartphone makers’ latest iPhone quartet and is available in white, blue, red, and green. It will be an injustice for any Apple iPhone 12 Mini review to delay highlighting that this model’s compact design makes it ideal for users who enjoyed the portability of iPhone 5 through 8. It is easily the one that offers the best value for money amongst the latest iPhone’s spectrum as it is packed with premium power and cutting edge features into a smaller design for less cost.

Apple 12 Mini review mini – Hardware design


Apple Inc’s iPhone 12 measures 5.18 inches x 2.53 inches x 4.76 inches. It is paramount to highlight that its 2.53-inch width enables users to access the phone with a single hand easily. 


It will be unfair for an Apple iPhone 12 Mini review, not to mention that the smartphone’s luxurious experience begins with its highly saturated Super Retina OLED display screen. It measures 5.4 inches across the diagonal, and at a resolution of 2340 x 1080 pixels, it has a density of 476 pixels per inch.


At the rear, the Apple iPhone 12 Mini review features dual 12-pixels regular ultra-wide cameras. On the selfie, there are also 12 megapixels. The smartphone’s front and rear cameras have an excellent night mode and record 4k video at up to 60 frames per second.

Sound, battery, other features

The Apple iPhone 12 Mini review audio quality is also excellent. Its dual (top and bottom) stereo speakers are much louder and more precise than the previous models. Of course, Apple Inc does not publish figures on battery life. However, the iPhone 12 Mini loses out to its siblings. It is also crucial to note the Apple iPhone 12 Mini’s battery is not user-replaceable.

An accurate Apple iPhone 12 Mini review, will reveal that the smartphone uses several cutting-edge technologies. Despite it being the smallest phone on the quarter, it is built for Apple’s Magsafe wireless charging system. The magnets inside the phone and charger align them into the ideal position for an efficient charge.

The drawback here is that the Apple 12 Mini does not ship with a charger. The phone has 5G abilities. As a result, it one of the phone models with the fastest cellular connections. The iPhone 12 has 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB variants which is non-expandable. It also has face ID and dual sim abilities (Nano-SIM and e-SIM)

Apple iPhone 12 review – software

The Apple iPhone 12 Mini runs on iOS 14, the latest version of Apple’s mobile operating systems. It comes with several iOS applications such as Safari, Messages, Weather, and they include Siri, the personal assistant in iOS. It has several significant changes and upgrades compared to the iOS 13. The iOS 14 has more colorful, informative widgets that can be positioned on any home screen.

Apple iPhone 12 mini review – It also introduces an App library that arranges your applications according to folders by type. The notifications are more compact and obscure more minor of the screen space. Applications such as Maps have had design touch-ups that have resulted in extra functionality. It is also paramount to highlight that the picture-in-picture mode will allow you to watch or listen to the video regardless of which application is currently in use. 

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What is the weight of the Apple iPhone 12 Mini?

The Apple iPhone 12 weighs 133 grams.

What sensors are featured on the Apple iPhone 12 Mini?

The Apple iPhone 12 features several sensors such as an accelerometer, gyroscope, proximity, barometer, compass, and Face ID.

Does the Apple iPhone 12 Mini support fast charging?

Yes. The Apple iPhone 12 supports fast charging.

Is the Apple iPhone water-resistant?

Yes. The Apple iPhone 12 Mini is water-resistant according to IP68.