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5 Features American Express Co is best known for


American Express Cois one of the biggest giants in the American Finance space.  Founded in 1850 this financial superpower has stood its ground.  If you have been using a credit card chances are you have in way accessed the services offered by American Express Co. Whether directly or indirectly, reports estimate that nearly a quarter of all credit card transactions are made on the American Express network. These are some of the great offerings American Express Co is known for

American Express Co Charge card

If you know American Express Co chances are it is mainly because of their popular charge card. The American Express Co Charge card is one of the best offerings to come out of American Express.  American Express started issuing Charge cards in 1950. The American Express Charge cards enable you to make a purchase using the card and you can later pay the cumulative total usually every month. The main thing that propelled the American Express charge card to popularity is its low charges compared to other players on the market. The higher limits it has are also a pull factor. The card is mostly popular with corporates rather than individual users.

American Express Co Travellers Cheques

The main reason why American Express is popular beyond the American borders is probably their Travellers’ checks. American Express, traveller’s checks are the cradle of most travellers as they provide both convenience and security. The American Express travel checks, there is no reason to carry around cash when you travel to any part of the world. American Express has managed to expand the use of traveller’s checks by incentivizing their use in most countries. This means that there is a wide array of countries. This is one of the main reasons why American Express Co is well known not just in the United States.

Credit Card

The American Express Credit Card is one of their most popular product from the finance giant. Their credit card service is viable and allows them to accommodate a wide array of customers. The credit card services allow you to purchase anything you want and you can pay periodically, for American Express it is usually every month. There are some cool premium credit cards from American Express.

The Centurion Card is the embodiment of premium credit card services. To get the card, you do not have to do anything because American Express handpicks who gets the card. The card provides you with a premium shopping experience, but you have to be willing to fork out a $10 000 initiation fee. Although a little expensive, the Centurion card is worth every penny you part with.

American Express Co is worth a lot of money

Being ranked as the 23rd biggest brand in the United States, the highest by a financial institution on the list by Forbes. It is no doubt that American Express has a lot of financial muscle. American Express Cois worth a whopping 24.5 billion US dollars (According to Forbes 2017). The company is a mammoth financial player, and these statues allow it to make a lot of investments and in turn make more money. They own assets all over the world and they plan to continue to expand and conquer the world financial market.

American Express is a huge company that offers several services. The fact that it has been around since the 1800s is a sign of stable and admirable corporate governance.


How much is American Express Co worth

American Express Co is worth over $24 billion

Who can get the Centurion Credit Card?

American Express Handpicks who can get the Centurion credit card

Do American Express credit cards work outside the US?

Yes the card works in 160 countries