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Ally Financial Inc – 5 Unbelievable Things You Didn’t Know About Ally Financial Inc


Ally Financial Inc is one of the biggest finance companies in the United States. They have an interest in the banking sector and mortgage business. They also provide a variety of other banking services. Most people are familiar with Ally bank. Despite Ally Financial Inc’s financial muscle and reputation in the finance circles, there are dozens of things people do not know about the company. In his article, we are going to give you five.

The Company is Over a Hundred Years Old

Ally Finance Inc has been there since before the first world war. The company has stood the test of time, celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2019. The company has spanned generations and this can be attributed to good corporate governance and management. The company started in 1919 using the name General Motors Acceptance Corporation. They started as an insurance company and managed to expand throughout the years and are now a major financial corporation. The fact that they have lasted or over a hundred years in the finance business makes them one of the most trustworthy financial players. Their reputation has cemented its position as a financial giant

The Company Only Became Ally Finance Inc in 2010

From its inception in the early 1900s up until May 200, the company used the name GMAC( General Motors Acceptance Corporation). The name was only changed to Ally Financial Inc in 2010. The finance corporation went through an extensive rebranding exercise that included the disposal of some assets that were no longer in line with the company’s version. The rebranding exercise was part of a major shakeup in the company that included the disposal of some of the company’s assets that included the selling of the company’s banking operation in Canada. The disposal brought the company $3. 8 billion dollars.

Ally Bank Only came Into Existence in 2014

With how big Ally Bank is right now you might not believe that the bank only went public in 2014. It was in May 204 that Ally bank a component of Ally Financial Inc became publicly traded. After becoming public in 2014 a brokering firm, Tradekings acquired the bank. The acquisition fee was $275 million. After the acquisition, Tradekings rebranded the company to Ally Invest. The acquisition took place after the company had relocated Detroit Center.

Ally Financial Inc Bank Is Ranked 19th

Ally Financial Inc’s bank Ally Bank was named as the 19th largest bank in the United States in 2018. The company was ranked 19th based on the bank’s assets. The company has grown quite extensive thanks to the diverse offering on the financial market. They have continuously added to their list of services making their operations increasingly profitable. The company now offers corporate lending services.

Ally Finance Inc Is Emphatic About Corporate Responsibility

As one of the biggest companies in the United State financial space, Ally financial Inc plays a major role as a corporate company. The company has been the driving force behind numerous charity campaigns. They have managed to raise money for different charity causes, most of which have to do with raising awareness on environmental preservation. The workers at Ally Financial Inc also play a huge role in the company’s charity drive. The company raised $800 000 in 2017 for charity in their “Giving Back month” charity campaign.

Ally Financial Inc is a huge company that seems to be continuously expanding. The company’s commendable corporate management and their commitment to corporate responsibility are some of the key takeaways from the formula that has made them stay in the game for this long.


Does Ally Financial Inc own Ally Bank?

Yes Ally Financial Inc owns Ally Bank

Does Ally Financial Inc offer mortgage services?

Ally Financial Inc offers mortgage service

Is Ally financial Inc still offering Motor Insurance service?

Yes, Ally Financial Inc still offers Motor Insurance services.