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Amazing services offered by the Japan Bank for International Cooperation


The Japan Bank for International Cooperation founded in 1999, has been offering top-tier international banking services since its inception. The bank’s ability to quickly adapt to new technology has given the company an upper hand in the international banking scene. The bank’s list of services continues to grow to allow them to serve a wider spectrum of clients. The fact that their services are top tier is one of the main reasons why clients continue to flock to the bank. In this article, we are going to highlight some of the services offered by the Japan Bank for International Cooperation.

Overseas Loans

Overseas Investment loans are very difficult to get. Most banks require you to go through a thorough vetting process and in most instances, you fail to meet their requirements. With Japan Bank for International Cooperation, it is quite a different story.  The bank has an easy process to access their overseas investment loans. As long as you meet their requirements getting the loan will be light work. The best part about these loans from the Japan Bank for International Corporation is that even if it’s a joint venture with a company or an individual that is not of Japanese origin you can still get the loan.

Export Financing

This is one of the most important services provided by the Japan Bank for International Cooperation. Export financing is a service where the JBIC provides loans to overseas companies to help them buy Japanese machinery. The financing helps the country to increase exports and keep the Japanese Manufacturing industry on its feet. Submarine companies and Rail equipment manufacturing companies are the major beneficiaries of this service. The service is also very important as it keeps Small and Medium Enterprise companies that provide other component s for machine manufacture in business.

United Loans

japan bank for international cooperation – United Loans are not just an important financial tool but they also help foster good international relations. United Loans are provided to most developing countries to help them import goods. In some instances, these loans are provided to help in stabilizing the country’s currency. The conditions on the loans are not very stringent, for instance, a country is not forced to import from Japan. Countries are also not required to invest in Japan to get a United Loan. United Loans are more of a measure to ensure a balance in trade rather than a profitable venture.

Bridge Loans

Most developing countries face difficulties when it comes to foreign currency. Most developing counties face balance of payment difficulties due to foreign currency shortages. The Japan Bank for International Cooperation provided what are known as Bridge Loans to help in situations like these. Bridge loans are foreign currency loans that are given to developing countries that are struggling with foreign currency shortage. These loans enable these countries to import more and it’s usually from Japan. These loans in a way help to increase Japan’s export.


Guarantees are another service provided by the Japan Bank for International Cooperation. Guarantees are provided to individuals or companies that have loans from other financial institutions. These guarantees are also given to countries during currency swap transactions. The bank is a little strict when it comes to guarantees, numerous conditions have to be met first before you can get a guarantee from the bank.

The Japanese Bank for International Cooperation is a mammoth financial institution that has been providing numerous financial services to individuals, corporations, and countries. The bank has managed to retain its customer’s thanks to their professional conduct and service.


Does JBIC give loans to foreign countries?

Yes, the JBIC provides loans to foreign counties

Does JBIC give foreign currency loans?

Yes, JBIC provides foreign currency loans

When was JBIC formed?

JBIC came into existence on the 1st of October in 1999