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Amazon Echo Dot 4th Gen review- For Better Homes


Amazon Echo Dot 4th Gen is a worthy smart speaker from Amazon. This device has a refreshing design and louder audio. Amazon Echo Dot 4th Gen review is the best value-for-money entry-level smart Bluetooth speaker. Amazon launched this speaker in 2020 and bought several changes over the 3rdGen Echo Dot. The Echo Dot 4th Gen smart speaker has a new design and brings all-new exciting features. Amazon made a lot of progress in-home appliances, and smart home speakers are one of them.

This smart speaker also runs Alexa, which is quite popular in the market. The first original Echo looked like a large cylinder, but every model since then has been progressively more round. The device will cost you 99$ or 4,499rs, which is slightly higher than the previous model, Amazon Echo Dot 4th Gen review says. Echo Dot thrives better than its rival Google Nest.

Amazon Echo Dot 4th Gen review

Amazon Echo Dot 4th Gen review- Impressive Build and Design

The new Echo Dot 4th Gen is spherical, more like football-shaped. The build is quite gracefully when you see it in the pictures and weighs 968gms. Covered with fabric mesh at the top, split diagonally where the bottom half is made of plastic and has a flat rubberized base.

Echo Dot’s signature ring light surrounds the base. It lights up in red, yellow, and blue like other Echo speakers and gives a futuristic feel in the dark. There are four constant buttons placed on the top of Echo Dot – volume up/down, microphone on/off, and a button to wake Alexa. The power connector and 3.5mm audio jack are at the back. The 3.5mm jack can be used to connect an external speaker, which is quite useful sometimes.

Amazon Echo Dot 4th Gen review

Amazon Echo Dot 4th Gen review- Exclusive Features

This smart speaker is easy to use. All you need to do is take it out of the box, plug it into an outlet, connect it to your Wi-Fi, and follow the instructions in the Alexa app that’s available on both iOS and Android.

Amazon Echo Dot 4th Gen review tells us to download Alexa app on your smartphone to engage in all the features and control Echo Dot. You can call out Alexa to listen to music from your music streaming subscriptions, including Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music. The new Echo Dot has several voices to choose from, and Alexa sounds less muffled than in the older version and has a clear crisper voice. To add a new device, you need to tap on the ‘+’ button in the ‘Devices’ section.

The app will scan for nearby devices, and it will automatically add it to your home. It will help you in tasks like booking an Ola and Uber. The mics are sensitive, and use AZ1 Neural Edge processor does a superb job at recognition and response.

Amazon Echo Dot 4th Gen review- Best Sound Quality

Amazon Echo Dot 4th Gen review

There are some good upgrades in the audio performance. It has a more powerful 1.6-inch speaker, which is larger than the 3rdGen’s 1.1-inch speaker. You will enjoy big bass from the smart speaker. The Echo Dot 4th Gen offers better audio, whereas its competitors are on the softer side. These speakers are good enough to crack a party and give you detailed sound with loudness. The Echo Dot 4th Gen should be your pick for its sound quality.


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Jeff Bezos is the CEO and the owner of Amazon.

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