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Apple iPad Air review- Better than Laptop?


Apple, in September 2020, released its new tablet they call the iPad Air. The Apple iPad Air review is a fourth-generation model that features a fundamental redesign that is an inch closer to the iPad Pro. IPad air is the middle-tier option between the eighth-generation iPad and the upgraded iPad Pro. The new tablet looks spectacular. It is fast and has a long battery life, with a 10.9inch screen, speakers, and a video call camera. The new iPad Air is has a different design that ditches the old design which had large bezels and a curved screen.

Apple made a giant leap in terms of using the new iPad Air like a Laptop. You get improvements in IOS the interface has become more developed. IPad air has a single camera set-up with Apple’s most anticipated technology LIDAR sensor.

Apple iPad Air review

Apple iPad Air review- Beautiful Design

Apple has an evolved its iPad Air design over the years, and this year it has become thinner than the previous one. The iPad Air has curved edges, and its borders are sharp. It has a very sturdy look, more like the iPad Pro. The iPad Air features a 10.9-inch edge-to-edge display with a 2360×1640 resolution, 3.8 million pixels, which is design similar to the iPad Pro. The iPad Air is available in five colors – Silver, Space Grey, Rose Gold, Green, and Sky Blue. It has a matte finish all around, with the only glossy element being the Apple logo at the back, which honestly gives a minimal and unique look.

There is no Face ID but a fingerprint scanner integrated into the power button. It also has four speakers and a USB-C port, so if you have USB-C headphones it will be useful. There is No headphone jack like the previous-generation iPad Air. A Nano-SIM tray is available on cellular models and a magnetic space for charging the Apple Pencil. The Apple iPad Air review educated to weigh around 460gms, which is quite handy.

Apple iPad Air review- Stunning Features

The iPad Air has a 6-core A14 Bionic chip, the newest A-series chip built on a 5-nanometer process by Apple. The iPad Air also incorporates a 7-megapixel front-facing FaceTime camera, with a 12-megapixel rear camera which is the same wide-angle camera used in the Pro version. It supports 4k higher-resolution video, featuring an f/1.8 aperture for solid performance in low light. 4K video recording is supported, at 20 to 60 frames per second, and slo-mo videos up to 120 or 240 frames per second.

According to the Apple iPad Air review, speaker quality is updated as iPad Air now has four stereo speakers in landscape mode for quality stereo sound when watching YouTube and Netflix. It comes with a new 20W USB-C adapter for charging. Pricing of the iPad Air starts at $599 for 64 GB of storage and 256GB of storage for $749.

Apple iPad Air review

Apple iPad Air review- Exclusive Accessories

Apple introduced a Magic Keyboard for their iPads. The Magic Keyboard is a folio-style case that features a full backlit keyboard, including a trackpad. This keyboard connects magnetically to your iPad Air and is convenient for any work. You can also buy the second-generation Apple Pencil. For extreme precision and unnoticeable lag for a paper-like writing experience, you can use the Apple Pencil.

Apple iPad Air review

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Who is the owner of apple?

The owner of the company is none other than Apple founder Steve Jobs.

What is the contact email of Apple?

Apple iPad Air review suggests having no published email address for Customer Service. Apple handles the technical issues and customer service via telephone or in-person at an Apple Store.

What is the address of Apple?

Apple’s address is One Apple Park Way, Cupertino, CA 95014.

What is the contact number of Apple?

The contact number of Apple is 000 800 100 9009.