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What is Bloomberg and Its Uses


Bloomberg is an award-winning financial software, news, and analytics system well-known for its signature black interface. Offering real-time market data, business information, and messaging to financial professionals worldwide.

Denison offers eight Bloomberg Terminals, four of which are available in Fellows Hall and are available 24/7. Please be aware that each terminal is subject to monthly download limits and strictly enforced by Bloomberg.

It is a financial information service.

Bloomberg Financial Information Services is an all-in-one financial information provider, including news, trading platforms, and data. Established by Michael Bloomberg in 1981, Bloomberg offers market data, real-time quotes, global political and financial news updates, and communication platforms with numerous software tools for trading and analysis.

Bloomberg Terminal software enables users to monitor real-time market data, providing valuable insight that helps investors make more profitable trades in the market. Bloomberg charges a monthly subscription fee for their services, with several competitors such as Thomson Reuters Eikon system and FactSet also competing against it.

SOM students, faculty, and staff can access Bloomberg terminals at Bobst Library and Evans Hall. Using these terminals requires JHED authentication, a university email address, and an active Bloomberg custom keyboard; walk-up use during building hours can be taken advantage of; please confirm hours before visiting; please do not share your Bloomberg login with anyone outside NYU.

It is a news service.

Bloomberg is a privately held financial, software, data, and media company established in New York City in 1981. Through its terminal computer system, users can track business news and market trends as they happen; additionally, it offers access to global financial markets via high-speed telephone lines; these machines provide real-time price information on securities with detailed historical trends as well as comprehensive company files with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

The company has expanded globally, opening offices in London and Tokyo. It serves a diverse customer base that spans institutional and retail investors alike, while rival services Reuters and Bridge Information Systems compete against them on similar services. Their main challenges are keeping customers satisfied while mitigating potential competitors with lower costs; their strategy for increasing user retention includes customizing news to each user, such as Daybreak’s morning briefing, which provides actionable intelligence on key market trends and headlines for more excellent user retention.

It is a trading platform.

Bloomberg is a proprietary trading platform offering financial market data and investment analytics. Known for its iconic black-screen terminal that symbolizes Wall Street, users pay a substantial fee for the service designed for heavy traders and investors. Real-time market information is accessible, as well as messaging functions to connect colleagues from around the globe.

Our fixed-income platform has a trade automation tool to maximize productivity by automating small trades. This makes meeting best execution policies simpler while freeing you up for bigger deals.

Bloomberg dominates the market share in financial information services. With substantial network effects driving its stickiness, investors and traders don’t wish to switch systems that don’t offer the features they are used to using.

It is a research tool.

The Bloomberg Terminal is an electronic software system market professionals use to monitor, analyze and communicate real-time financial data. It is also utilized by many people worldwide for trading purposes, making decisions, and tracking markets; students also utilize it to learn about finance.

New users may find the system daunting due to its wide array of functions; to ease the navigation of this tool, use menus and memorize keyboard shortcuts for frequently utilized functions. Or schedule an in-person demonstration with one of Bloomberg’s representatives who can show them around.

As Bloomberg is so widely used, no other system can fully compete. Koyfin comes closest, serving as a “mini-Bloomberg Terminal” for larger financial institutions with chat functionality but lacking custom workflows for specific job titles such as private equity or oil traders. Another possibility is Eikon which was recently sold to London Stock Exchange.